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Good Times Roll
SSar's Beast
Pretty good week. Some things:

-Paul and Sam came over for dinner. I was nearly done with cooking when Russ and Nik walked in, having just gone for a long walk in the Gardens. This led to me nabbing Nik's guest for dinner, and even more than that, persuading him to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena with Sam and myself.
-Paul: 'Do you have a needle and thread I can borrow? I need to repair this hole in my pants.'
-Me: 'Oh, I'll give it a go,' which meant I then went and repaired three other items of clothing, which is nice, because I almost never do mending unless prompted by just this sort of situation. It was midnight before Sam, Russ, Paul and I started out through the Botanical Gardens to Kelburn again. We got to the playground, and Paul and Russ amused themselves on the flying foxes while I hugged Sam. Then Russ and Sam departed, and Paul and I returned to my house, where Paul was staying for the night so that he could more easily get to the airport the following morning, for Auckland and a banks' union meeting.

-This was the day Matt and I went to the audio studio so that round two of a set of educational texts could be recorded by a British voice actor. Matt followed along with the modified script, and I followed along with the text as it appeared in the book. This was actually a lot of fun, and that one class I took in Danish once came in handy: 'I'm sure 'myren' isn't pronounced MY-ren!' The voice actor was professional and efficient (and occasionally cracked me up in thinking of Look Around You) and Matt and I went and got gelato on the way back to the office. Beautiful day.
-Then I had a nice quiet evening with Joel. We watched episode 2 of Brimstone, having tried the pilot some time ago. Dated, but with much potential. Finally, at 9pm, I went out to meet Sam in the Botanical Gardens again. There were several other young adults on the playground - first a cool-seeming group who shouted out comments about rolling a 1, among other things - then a much more raucous group, which prompted Sam and me to go to exploring. I showed him the glow-worm haunts.

-Sydney reminded me that Wai-te-ata Press was having a book launch. I appeared all unprepared, wearing my teapot necklace for protection and as a useful talking point. It was interesting, and there was poetry, but I find it really hard to mingle at such things. Ah well. I at least chatted to Glenna, the paper technician extraordinaire, who was explaining to me the process she'd gone through to create a pop-up model package of the Beehive.

-My workmates wanted a Looper-themed movie night. This shrunk down to one movie, 12 Monkeys, and three of us - me, Paul (not the same Paul as above), and Theresa. This was much fun, though I got annoyed at a particular visual misdirection and we had to stop the movie so the others could explain it to me. I'm sorry we didn't get to see Brick, but I don't think any of us would have wanted to stay out later that night.

-Much happened! In short: an afternoon-tea catch up with Erin, Mallika, Miriam, Mikey, and a couple of other people I don't know so well; a visit to Chrissie at The Dressing Room, where I tried to help with an awkward transaction: a Russian ballerina, who turned out to be playing the Swan Queen in the visiting production (awe), was trying to buy one of the gorgeous costume dresses in Chrissie's display with an Australian $100 note, which fell short of the asking price. I had to slip away before the end, but I think they sorted out $100 Aus and $20 NZ. It got more awkward, as Chrissie was asking the woman if she could take her picture in the dress, and the woman was a bit put out after several rounds of "no I can't just take the $100."
Then various folks assembled for the watching of Judge Dredd, which I was not taking part in. There was banter. There was dinner. I began to walk home, and encountered Russ again, on a meandering route home (he had a bibliography to write). So we meandered together, and I sent Sam a message to see if he were home, and Russ and I were nearly at my own gate when he replied. So of course we turned around, went back through the Gardens, and settled in at Sam's for three more episodes of Utena.

Homeward bound again. Everyone seems to have enjoyed Judge Dredd.

Work is a bit stressful but lightening. I am very Yuletide obsessed at present. Sam S (different from above) is being very helpful with New Year's Resolution editing. Most of my friends have been warned by now that they will hear nothing from me but Yuletide! for the next three months.

We are also looking for a new flatmate, and Nik will not be going to Canada.


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