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'And if it works, I'll be amazed'
SSar's Beast
I went hunting through this journal recently for an old recollection. After much digging, I found it, but first I was amazed by the energy I used to pour into these pages. Reading quickly, I find myself saturated by old whimsy and anxiety and hope. Lots of hope. I need to update more: I still have that kind of thing to say.

Today I met up with a friend whom I had just emailed. I'm paraphrasing, but: "You used a word I hadn't seen before," he said. "That doesn't happen very often. I read it, and thought, no, I don't know that one, I'll have to go look it up. It's like catching a new Pokémon, thinking What does it do?." I grinned like crazy because excitement over new words + Pokémon - well. It would be a 'You know me so well' moment but he hasn't known me that long.

And krastakin vented, as she much needed, and I had a lovely dinner with Pip, and Joel and I are peacefully browsing the internet before sleep.

From browsing, have four or so New Zealand songs that are on my mind right now.

Something in the Water, Brooke Fraser - This vid was just suggested as Yuletide nomination. I certainly find it disjointed, but interesting; there's a disconnect between the three layers of lyrics, acted narrative, drawn narrative, as the nominator, dormouse_in_tea, points out. Also there's a narwhal.

Liberty, Greg Johnson - I love this song. Mostly for the lyrics, and because the lyrics recall a specific time in my life, when I visited Pip at her home in Auckland and she sneakily took a photo of me framed in front of a spiky plant so that I look like the Statue of Liberty itself - laughing with a cup of tea in my hand. But I find the music video interesting too.

Maybe Tomorrow, Goldenhorse - Yes, I know I'm late to the Goldenhorse party. I think there are two official videos for this song, and this is the first one, which I prefer - that is, neither amaze me, but this is more evocative. These lyrics are sparking a particular theme in a story I'm writing right now. 'We all leave and let go/ There is nothing to hold us'...

Love Love Love, Avalanche City - Which brings me to this one, which takes your narwhal and gives you a penguin. I love the way the rhythm tricks you in the first few lines. But it's just happy and pretty.

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That's basically exactly why I still use livejournal. I've been using it for almost 9 years and I love finding a strange little picture of my life illustrated by the way I recounted something (what details I chose to write and what I didn't write). I have the memories, but sometimes a fresh recording gives it a type of context I'm not even aware of at that point in time.


I think we got journals around the same time - I joined in December 2003. The great distribution of invitation codes from friends.

I just have to push myself to write more at the time. There's the usual problem that when I'm happy, I'm too busy being happy to write about it, and when I'm sad, I worry that I'll slant the journal too much towards moping. Sometimes I get past this.

You're lovely for allowing me to rant at you :) Love you long time !!

It was nice to see you, and you really needed to vent!

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