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SSar's Beast
A poem I really like, from What have you lost?, edited by Naomi Shihab Nye.


Each passing bird's a bit of punctuation thrown through the air,
And here is morning, old grammarian, descending a stair.

Let the ocean nibble at its edges.
Let the great parentheses of trees press it into shape.

To understand chaos, be chaos.
Brightness gets out of its white chair.

We know what can undo us, and we keep it where
We can see it, but what of the distance

That darkens and fills with the second thoughts of starlight,
That hangs over us every night its opulent alternatives.

Broken necklace of light, protect us from our unadorned nature,
From the slow crumbling insurance of belief,

From the diminutions that revise us and revise us,
Describing the one true gesture that we know,

The one that says, as the ocean repeated a minute ago,
Build up an argument for your life phrase by phrase.

Love is in the rewrites.
Be slow.

Vickie Karp