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SSar's Beast
(courtesy of Facebook, with added pseudonyms)

Walrus: Bit like calling an arsenic-cyanide-and-rhubarb milkshake "non-toxic", if you ask me.

The Doc: Ah, but alas, I'd still be genuinely impressed if you can get an arsenic-cyanide-and-rhubarb milkshake to bring all the boys to your yard.
If they're like "it's better than your belladonna-and-nightshade one", you're dealing with Gods.

SSar: Could someone write an actual story about this scenario? Because, well, please.

Writing challenge: go!

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Lol, not posting the subject eh? Hm...

I can't actually remember the subject this thread had when it was on Facebook. I'm thinking it's better without context, to be honest! :D

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