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SSar's Beast
I am overwhelmed by a feeling of affection tonight. Although the feeling is dependent on fleeting factors, it bears recording.

My husband and our mutual friend Paul are talking loud enough to be heard through my bedroom door. They've been watching Homeland on Joel's screen; this evening was the season finale. Paul tends to follow viewings of shows with loud, enthusiastic commentary. Joel is generally more restrained. I can hear enthusiasm, anyway.

It's been a good evening. I left work a little early, went to the posh supermarket, and waved at my friend at the checkout. "Are you causing trouble again?" she called back, and fairly, because I was asking the woman serving me to give me lots of tape for my enormous box of mushrooms that would then have to survive the bus.

On the way to the bus stop, I ran into my so beloved Pip. Chance encounters are lovely. (And I had lunch with Miriam earlier, so it's a good day for friend encounters.)

I caught the bus. I didn't have enough money on my automated swipe-card to pay for the trip, but was directed to find a seat; never mind, I had exact change, so I didn't have to make the bus driver's life hard after all. I balanced a large box of mushrooms and a large grocery bag and a backpack and a book on my lap. It was splendid, even though I only got through four pages of the history of Poland that I am reading. Then, despite being wedged into the window side of a backwards seat, I managed to balance all of the things I was carrying well enough to leave the bus gracefully.

This is actually really important, and the most challenging part of taking the bus home. I catch the bus early on in the city route, and it drops me off not very far into the suburbs. I am ALWAYS badly hemmed in by commuters at the point I need to get off, if it's rush hour. So managing to balance all of my burdens efficiently is super plus double good.

I started cooking, then got distracted by fanfic and by chat with a lovely online friend and by sauvignon blanc. Our guest Paul arrived. After brief chat, I shooed him off to watch Homeland with Joel so that I could keep cooking. Tarragon chicken, potato wedges, courgette and mushroom omelette, and carrot sticks with aioli.

He enjoyed dinner immensely, which was a quiet triumph: Paul hates cooked vegetables, and we play a game where I try to make them edible and he compliments me on the parts I get right. He really enjoyed the courgette-dominated omelette; and I have recently learned the trick of cutting up carrots and serving them with aioli for him to dip them in. I felt awesome.

John finished making dinner for himself and Nik not long after I finished cooking - we'd arranged it tonight so that I mostly used the oven, he mostly used the stovetop - so it was everyone around the table tonight. Which was good. There is an absolutely wonderful intersection of history geekery and irreverence and nerdery in the five of us - so we had Canadian politics, vegetables in orifices, and everything in between - a-hem - as part of the conversation.

I will very much miss Nik and John when they move to Canada at the end of the year. And I think that somewhere on the list of my criteria for new flatmates will be a high likelihood that they will get on with Paul.

I am feeling warm and invulnerable and excellent. I will probably walk Paul part of the way down the hill, even though he's catching the 11:05 train and I usually only walk him to the station when he catches the 10:05.

I wish it were Yuletide again already, but I am contemplating taking part in the ineedmyfics challenge. It's just that I'm waiting for someone to nominate one fandom I would really be excited to receive - it's not fair to be blasé about what you get.

Tomorrow is work, gah, but Joel and I are taking a four day weekend after that in honour of our first wedding anniversary. And it is Nik's birthday party on Saturday morning (for which I bought a gigantic box of mushrooms to stuff) which will be social and silly and excellent.

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It's nice to see posts like this every so often :) Glad I took part in your amazing day :)

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