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Lost point; status quo
SSar's Beast
About half of work is making biologically unsound noises - that time of year. Peggy is recovering from a cold, Matt is groggy, I cough a lot, Jenna went home early today, and Pen is threatening to hang garlic or something in between her monitor and the rest of us. (There are only nine people in the office, one of whom is on holiday in France.) Poor workmates.

Of course, the winters of 2009 and 2011 were dire-r. 2009: the power went out in the coldest weekend of the year (our meter-box was old and desperate and later caught fire). 2011: Wellington isn't supposed to get snow. What makes me laugh is that I now have a Canadian flatmate and HE'S the one who cranks the heat pump up to full blast. Maybe because he's used to houses with actual insulation. But logically, shouldn't HE be wandering around with bare legs while I shiver in multi-layers, instead of the reverse? Then again, he's not sick right now, so touché.

I swear I had a point when I started writing this. I think it related to nostalgia.