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As an added bonus, home-made earl gray hot chocolate
SSar's Beast
-I went into work this afternoon (it's a Sunday). Three hours of procrastination were followed by two hours of usefulness. I could have solved more of my problems in the time I was there, but I finally got the must-do things done, which feels great and is a good set-up for the week.

-My mother visited for the weekend! It was relaxed. I made a lot of soup. On Saturday, we took a long walk that ticked off a few chores for me - returning a DVD, going to the Nut Store - and included some culture, such as the Death and Diversity exhibit at the City and Sea museum. We enjoyed the exhibit but would have liked it to have contained more written texts. What was displayed felt like only the starting point of the topic. I suppose it's a hard balance for a museum exhibit, between too much and too little information. The videos on display were interesting and the interactive parts - where exhibit visitors left comment cards - were emotionally intense.

-I got to read Bitterblue, the final book in Kristin Cashore's Seven Kingdoms Trilogy. It was pretty darn good. There was a lot in it. I would actually have liked more info-dumping about the characters' worlds, but it's a well-realised fantasy, so that's a preference, not a complaint. For a YA book, there was an AMAZING amount of grim material, especially suicide and abuse. It was handled well.

-I may be cooking for a campaign LARP weekend coming up soon. This is my idea of compromising between can't-do-LARPs and want-to-be-involved-in-the-LARP-scene. I love feeding people. This would be a whole different kettle of fish, though. When people come over to dinner at my house, the meal is always at least half an hour later than I have promised it will be, and I always attempt slightly fancy dishes with lots of spices and several different components. I don't have a lot of signature dishes that are just cheese + x. I hope I can get away with soup... A friend of mine has promised to get me in contact with someone who catered for a recent event, who will give me some tips and help me decide whether to commit to this. But oh man, it would be neat. Apparently my idea of fun is scraping plates and cutting onions for an entire weekend.

-I have joined little_details and it is just as fascinating as I had hoped it would be.

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Thanks for the little review of the exhibit and for reminding me that I want to go and see it.

Yes, I do recommend it. Actually, we enjoyed the adjacent exhibit even more. It was called something like Wellington in the 20th Century, and it had an engaging "story" for each year, illustrated by an artefact of some kind. It was really fascinating, and we hadn't come to see it, but we couldn't stop looking at it.

Ah yes that exhibit has been around for some time. It is good, though I first viewed all of it years ago I still glance my eye along it every-time I'm in that museum.

Edited at 2012-06-25 07:55 am (UTC)

Well, I'm glad that one's semi-permanent. I will want to go back to it.

What sort of budget did they give you for the LARP catering? Also, are you going to be able to access a full kitchen for most of the time that you need to cook, and have the ability to reaheat when you get to the campsite? If the answer to that second question is yes, then it would be a tremendous amount of fun...almost like a masterchef challenge :D If you have a budget of about $6 per meal per person, I would still go with the turkey legs, and curry some things (chickpea/vegetarian based curries are complicated (or uncomplicated, if you don't spice them too much), delicious, filling, and easy to scale)! The deli manager at MW said that she could probably work something of a deal out for that much meat ;)

Sohini keeps asking me to get a character together...I should do that at some point.

I haven't been to the Museum of City and Sea in ages...maybe I'll head over there this week. Good to hear from you!

Good to hear from you too!

I don't have a budget yet. The camp is Brookfield at Wainuiomata, which Holly and Gynn used for their wedding, so I have actually been in the kitchen - which is quite large. I can't remember if it has a microwave, but it has lots of other equipment, and I would be able to use it the whole time.

I'm not very good at curries! Could you perhaps teach me your basic chickpea/vegetarian curry before the event?

Are you participating in 33AR, then, or is Sohini's one something else? What LARP is she involved in?

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