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Check: sing, dance, love, write
SSar's Beast
It is a truth firmly believed by yours... truly, that when one is procrastinating, one's whole life is a little dimmer. When I spend time avoiding doing things (like heading in to work at Wai-te-ata, or writing a letter to my aunt, or doing CodeYear lessons, or going for a run) then I remember days by what I didn't do in them. When I look back on a week like that, it's kind of indistinct. An excellent reason to never procrastinate ever. I have friends who possess the ability to say "stuff it" and go on midnight media binges or impulsive road trips, but I can't do that: I've already spent the requisite energy on resisting my conscience.

The work crisis passed, with help from workmates. I really do like this job. It is dawning on me: this is the first full-time job I've ever had that demanded mental effort and self-discipline. (FishServe required neither; Reid Research did require self-discipline). It's good for me, surely: using the university degree, etc, etc. But I may expect crises from time to time.

I like the variety in this job: on a given day I can be sketching a mock-up, researching some part of digital publishing, editing a media release, playing around with an iPad, checking proofs, writing teachers' notes, writing a story, or performing tasks yet unknown. Everyone in the office drinks copious amounts of tea (Don drinks coffee; Jenna and I are bi-caffeinated) and at approximately hourly intervals throughout the day, someone will stand up and say "Does anyone want a cup of tea?" and there will be a "yes" or two. They don't go in for the kind of morning teas I always found really awkward where everyone brings their own baking and there is Silent Judgment: no, if it's your birthday, you get to offer up suggestions and then someone runs out to buy cheese or chocolate eclairs or something to an assigned budget.

I don't think passive aggressive is in this workplace's vocabulary.

I think I'm so lucky.

I tend to be a bit apathetic when I get home in the evenings: it probably comes of using my brain during the day. However, I am getting a little further with the West of the Moon fic. In doing my research, I have hit a stumbling block: Robin McKinley's Sunshine is a modern magical AU - I would call it urban fantasy, but it's set in a universe where magic is very normal. It has dawned on me that magic and Judaism are not happy campers. MUCH more research required. I mean, the character in my story doesn't have to be Jewish. But now that I see her that way, it's hard to reinvent her. Also, it feels morally problematic to whitewash (or should that be WASP-wash) an AU. Isn't this an opportunity, not a problem? If this is a magic AU that closely resembles the world we're used to (internet, global peace coalitions, city tourism promotions), then how much more interesting to look at a character who would be uncomfortable with the status quo.

I'm kind of making it hard for myself.

I got about 200 words written on the Sucker Punch fanfic which is about no.3 on my Fic To Do list. Then I realised I need to throw them out because I hate the way I'm writing Blue. But it's still good to be writing. I am noting this mostly to remind myself to replace those 200 words with ones I can actually use.

Okay: off to pole dance class. I will finish on my idea of a GREAT idea: lots of my friends are into karaoke and singstar lately, where I'm not so keen. But CLEARLY I need to combine my pole dancing friends and my singstar friends and set up singstar at the pole dancing studio and combine songs with impromptu dance routines. It would be cheerful and hilarious. Alcohol should probably be limited.

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Way to master procrastination! And coming home from work tired because you have a job you like doesn't count as procrastination. It's interesting, now that you mention it, the phenomena you mentioned really makes sense! I wonder what that is...

I think it's because when you procrastinate heaps, then procrastination becomes what you are DOING. Even if you're playing a video game or drawing or writing... you are doing it for procrastinatory reasons and that's how you remember it.

Heh, but I have two jobs. So I can't work at one job and think, "I'm too tired to do job #2."

How are you?

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