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Work/life balance
SSar's Beast
Today was Day 7 at new job. I love it so far. There are eight of us in the office. My manager, Matt, was in an all-day meeting today, and I am so used to ineffective managers that when I ran out of things to do yesterday, I asked (politely) if he wanted me to bother showing up today, since he wouldn't be around to give me stuff to do. Matt just raised his eyebrows and conjured up an immense to-do list of both short and long term tasks, all possible for a new employee to do, all interesting. Hah.

So good, in fact, that I am slightly neglecting my other jobs, because I don't have to have them in order to feel competent... But I'm more or less on track. Must email Sydney so as not to drop off the radar; must make progress on Jason's job to ensure achievement of the Mar 31 deadline.

I'm even reading books! I'm asking around for recommendations of fae/fairy literature. Not young-adult-supernatural, though I'll take that, so much as horror. Think, basically, White Wolf Changeling games.

Holly gave her bookshelf a dubious look and handed me a straight world-building fantasy (interesting, and gritty, but not quite along the lines I meant) and Sophie Masson's Celtic-romance books, which I have put aside for now. Ellen reminded me of Fire and Hemlock, and sent me home with a book containing three supernatural novellas, the first of which draws on Rosetti's goblins. Well-written. Steph mentioned War for the Oaks, and others recommended Holly Black's Tithe. Does anyone else have any recommendations? Basically, I'm thinking of Laurell K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series but with far more Fae culture and far less sex; Cecilia Dart Thornton's stuff; maybe Elizabeth Bear?

This is not really the post I've been meaning to write, but after a while it seemed better to give a snapshot of a point in time than to procrastinate on posting something more solid.

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Sounds amazing :) Keep up the good work!

I have my encyclopaedia of mythical creatures if you want to borrow it. It's a little useless at times, but a good bounding-off point :)

Emma Bull's Finder? The other Borderlands books are good, but that's the one I really love.

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