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Career: simultaneously underachieving and overachieving
SSar's Beast
On the cards for tomorrow:
    Deliver invoice for job no #3.
    Submit job application for a potential 1-year contract job.
    Complete a full day at job no #2, including remedial training *sigh*.
    Go to an informal job interview at a potential 3-month contract job.
    Go to a sort of open legal consultant hour on employment law, because I am feeling iffy about job #2 and want to figure out how easy it might be to terminate if it goes sour.
    Possibly also go to job no #1 and knock off an hour or two before dinner.

I have signed up for far too much work. It's what you do when you don't have a permanent, full-time job, and temporary offers appear. I'm in a bit far over my head. Had a slight upset at job #2 - see remedial training - which wrote off most of yesterday. Keeping head above water - just. Thank goodness for Joel, and I have great friends, and my mother spent two hours on the phone with me talking exclusively about how to position oneself in awkward corporate situations. My mother is very competent and very awesome. 25 years in managerial/negotiations roles does confer some mean skills.

I want a job which feels meaningful and which I can perform to expectations, or above. It must also be objectively unobjectionable. It must also pay the rent. Which, happily, isn't too onerous in a 3-bdrm house with two couples. ^!^


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