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Seven years ago today
SSar's Beast
Seven years ago, I was about to get off the train and meet my friends at the station. It had been a 14-hour ride - summer buckling of the tracks had slowed the journey and so had other delays I don't now remember. I was eighteen, and had been using my first cellphone (a Christmas gift from Mum) to text my friends and warn them of the adjusted arrival time.

It was my second year of University. I had no settled home for the year - just a promise of a couch to surf on for a week or two - but I was really excited at the idea of seeing all the friends I'd made in my first year. On the platform to meet me - an incredibly kind gesture - were Sam, Cordelia, and Joel*.

I'm not really old enough for nostalgia, but I remember the first few weeks of Wellington in 2005 with a lot of love and gratitude. I remember the wackiest Valentine's day ever, spent as a scavenger hunt minion. I remember a 51-year-old globetrotting teacher with an Aro Valley cottage who took a look at me, shrugged, and decided I was mature enough to rent her spare room. I remember my parents driving my furniture down. I remember how my friend and host Sam reacted when confronted with my cooking hopelessness: she took me to the supermarket and bought me a packet of muffin mix.

I was so naive and so hopeful. I thought the best of everyone (barring one or two online dramas about which I wrote angsty poetry). I'm glad to pay tribute to that time and to my friends.

*All of whom had regularly-used LJs then. Not so much at present. Sam is valiantly reviving hers.

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I shall continue to try to revive mine! I maintain that it is good for me! :D

I remember early years with SSar in them with great fondness :) <3 out to you!

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