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An indulgent saga of movers
SSar's Beast

Last Friday, my friends came around and, after I fed them, packed a tonne of stuff. It was excellent. They disassembled the bunk bed, packed up all of my books and most of my clothes, packed up the kitchen, etc, etc. I owe them!

Joel got home at about 3pm on Saturday and promptly collapsed in bed after his crazy week. Pip arrived at noon on Sunday, and helped us finish the last of the packing (disassembling the bed, etc) before the movers arrived.

saga of movers
The movers were laughably unprofessional. For example, someone at their office had texted them our address incorrectly, so they arrived fifteen minutes late after calling us - but the correct address was written on their invoice pad all along. That invoice pad stated an hourly rate which was $5 greater than the one I'd been quoted on the phone... which I'd already complained about, because the phone rate was $5 greater than that stated on the website.

The two movers, Vasa and Alex, were taken aback by the stairs, although no one at the office had bothered to ask me about access issues. Not that I'd consider 50 wide, straight steps to be "access issues" - not in Wellington, anyway. Every time Alex got to the top of the stairs he stopped and remarked to me about them. "Stairs, yep," I said, and went on carrying heavy boxes that this strapping Samoan lad looked askance at.

To be fair, Vasa could actually do stuff like carry our washing machine over his shoulder, which I sure couldn't, but with Alex, it felt as though we were getting 1.5 movers, not two.

Or, maybe it was two, because they had a "friend" who'd "come along to see what the job was like" and who first poked his head in our door, then hung out at the bottom of the stairs in his jeep for the next two hours, mostly singing to himself.

They completely ignored any signs marked "fragile", notably when stacking boxes onto a two-wheel cart and jouncing it all the way down the steps.

They were taking forever (Alex's unwillingness to tackle the heavy stuff, Vasa's cellphone conversations, and Alex's frequent breaks, including one cigarette break on the middle of the stairs, may have helped this), so I sent Joel ahead to the property to collect the keys from our landlords at the more-or-less appointed time, while I kept hauling boxes.

When they'd finally loaded the truck up, there was no room for me in it, so I called a taxi while they set off for the new property. Despite my later start, I got to the property before the movers did, because first they got lost, then for some unknown reason, made three attempts at driving up our steep street. Forwards? No. Backwards? No. Forwards? Yes!

Then the truck wouldn't get up the short but steep driveway. Enter the guy with the jeep. We paid him an extra $80 so that he would consent to driving between the truck and the front door of the house with loads of our goods. I'm glad he was there, but deeply unimpressed by the extra cost, because this was not our problem: it was the movers'.

Finally we had everything, I signed for a ridiculous $520 (so, a painful $600 total) for a little over three hours' of the movers' work, and we were moved! Definitely a case of throwing money at a problem, because we HAD to move on that day and were booking with pretty late notice.

Our house is still mostly boxes everywhere. There is more living space, but less storage space, in the new home as compared to the old, so unpacking is an interesting puzzle. I hope I find my overdue library book soon. :P

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It will be in one of the boxes marked "books".

Indeed! But there are a lot of those. :) I'll find it soon.

I found my book! Huzzah. We also still seem to have your umbrella! I would like to get it back to you.


I didn't even notice I was missing an umbrella. Sorry for leaving it with you guys and you having to take it with you when you moved. When and how would be best for you for it being returned? I can probably fit in around with whatever works you guys, if I have enough warning.

Also I was quite happy for you two upon hearing of the street party. I've never been to one but I've heard of them and they sound like they can be a lot of fun.

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