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SSar's Beast
Also, good things: I'm currently fully employed, in that I still have 58 hours to work off my Wai-te-ata contract, which was extended until the end of January (not because I'm special, just because of administrative usefulness), and I now have 3-4 weeks of full-time fact-checking work for Learning Media, starting on Monday. The latter is due to another student being on the job and alerting us that more hands were required.

Obviously, I have to keep hunting jobs, but it's a huge weight off my mind to be in work for a little while. I also applied to a job I really want last week - thank you, roadtomanderlay, for proofreading my applications! - and I'm hoping I'll hear back from them.

I'm graduating with my Victoria degrees on Monday. My mother and Joel will be in attendance, and Pip will join us after for a late dinner. Yay. In some ways, graduation is a bit of a silly ceremony, but. I was there for seven years. Also: excuse to wear wedding dress again. (Remember, it's brown silk-acetate, not white lace).

And in smaller but still pleasing yay, my flatmate collected together a huge pile of clothes to donate when she moved out, and gave me permission to go through them. This has gained me two skirts I really like, including one that looks nice enough on me to wear to my new job on Monday, which seems to have a formal-ish office dress code.

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Congratulations on graduating!!! :D

Yay! That sounds like a whole bunch of wins going on right now.

Huzzah for good things! I hope your graduation goes well. :)

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