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*pink* *ting* *PONK*
SSar's Beast
Note to self: Do NOT attempt to wisecrack on your first day of English tutorial. You got off lightly, SSar.

I let Mint (I still like that name, although it is devoid of meaning or even in-jokes) try on my cloak, but luckily he didn't realise how addictive it is to wear until I took it away from him. Okay: when I get back to Auckland, my major holiday project will be to make another cloak, for someone. I want to be able to make these things.

I'm a bad girl who writes letters to her friends in lectures and gets away with it shockingly (while sitting next to a member of the faculty, for example). But I'm a good girl who finishes her first assignments well before the due date.

I was so exhausted last night that I was unintentionally intimidated into skipping dinner, and got nothing useful done after 7:30pm. I literally fell into bed at half past nine, but slept much later, because it was someone's eighteenth birthday and the noise was pervasive. Now I'm sitting in Unicomm at a computer that keeps freezing and half-listening to the scandalous gossip going on behind me about the Unicomm management.

Stormy last night. Beautiful today. And the morning moon was bright and sculpted. They didn't have yoghurt today at breakfast. These things matter, you know.


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