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Smooth criminals
SSar's Beast
On Monday morning, I slept in, left the house at 10:30am, went to work, and sewed booklet bindings all day - partly helped by another Press enthusiast, Angelique.

At 5:20pm, Joel got home from a normal day at work.

Between those two times, people were in our house, and took our laptops and Joel's 24-inch monitor and keyboard and mouse and iPhone charger. The door was locked when Joel arrived home, just as I had locked it. No, we do not have insurance, being unused to being people of means rather than poor students.

Pip came by when I texted her the news, and did an extremely good job of distracting us all evening with general news.

Today was the sixth anniversary of the start of my and Joel's present relationship. We weren't in particularly celebratory moods. I made a chocolate cake while I waited for the police to arrive, then I did some chores down town, then I went to work and called my mother.

The police are not optimistic that we will see our possessions again.

Joel and I had decided to go to a staging of Wyrd Sisters which our good friend Alex was in. Tuesday was the day designated by many of our friends to go enjoy the play and support Alex. The small theatre was mostly filled by people I know, which was a lovely thing, especially at intermission.

Now we're crashing back at home - we didn't stay long after the play. For a while I was feeling cool and calm and now I'm not so much, because for some reason, it hurts a lot that I made a cake and it's just sitting there because we're both too down to want to eat it. I am very irrational about people not eating my cakes.

We will both make a valiant stab at it in a little while. Maybe.

The thieves did not take our old eMac "guest computer", or Joel's CPU, so he has borrowed peripherals from work in order for us to have two functional computers. This is an extremely good thing. The landlord has promised to upgrade our locks within the week.

Six years ago, when Joel and I started dating, I was just about to start a job that would make my life really horrible for five months. Then I would fail two semesters of courses. It was not a good year at all, and one of my flatmates only remembers the me of that year as a person who cried all the time. It had good points. I am glad I am here rather than there.

Of course, Joel has implied with terse commentary that, given a choice between now and some other hypothetical reality, he'd rather have one with Batman, and given our potential in achieving either alternative is much of a muchness, I salute his perspective.

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That is really terrible. And it's not like your flat is easy access, either - what, did the thieves just decide to go up all the stairs, trying every door on the way?

You could put all this effort towards productive things, robbers. ):

The other thing was, there were workmen on the floor below.

The police didn't think it was particularly weird, though - they thought there would probably have been a modus operandi just like the one you describe. Go through a neighbourhood, look for easy targets, be thorough. I guess their, er, careful work paid off.

Well - back to job hunting. Once I have a long-term job, everything that's hard right now will seem a little bit easier. Amen, right?

That's just rubbish and I'm so sorry it happened to you on what should have been a fantastic day. I sincerely hope karma catches up with the thieves in the form of an embarrassing medical condition of some sort.

Haha! I am almost ashamed to say that my first thought was, "I hope they came by RIGHT AFTER I left the house, and spent enough time in my bedroom to be severely sickened by the flea bomb I set off just before I left!"

Thanks! It is a frustrating thing.

D: oh no, how awful. I hope you have better days (and exciting shiny new hardware)in your future!

Thanks! It's pretty frustrating. But get-over-able.

Congrats on 6 years together. The right partner makes the hard things more manageable.

It sure does. Thank you.

I'm so sorry, that's awful! I wouldn't go feeling ashamed about the flea bomb hope, though...heaven knows the jerks would've deserved it! :-( But you yourself said you've survived your share of frustrating things before, I'm sure this one will turn out to be manageable too. No fun, but not unendurable either.

Haha, I guess what I mean is I'm ashamed that that was my first thought. Thanks, it's true, we will cope.

Nice to see you! How are you doing, yourself?

I'm more sorry that it ruined what should have been a fantastic day. I remember the you from that flat being a person that cried often...but also a person that was optomistic about the future, and determined to make things work.

*hugs* Thanks.

Currently I'm "making it work" by typing up my CV on TextEdit and trying to convince myself I'm just training myself in single-source publishing....

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