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Tests of Character
SSar's Beast
For the third time, I came out of the voting booth feeling as though it had been an exam which I had failed. I have not yet felt informed enough to be really confident of my choices in a national election. Yet again: next time. I am pretty surprised about the New Zealand First phoenixing. As Nik said, Winston Peters has regenerated often enough to be a Marvel character. Probably the reason for my surprise is that we never watch TV and I never pick up a newspaper; apparently he ran a very slick campaign...?

It's been a quiet weekend. Miriam came around for dinner on Friday night and she/Joel/I watched Tropic Thunder. On Saturday, Joel and I voted, then he went to a LAN party and I went to a new pole dance class. Today, I did the vege market run, then went to work for a couple of hours to make up time lost during the week.

I feel I should explain about work. It would take its own, long post. For now, suffice it to say that the Press is at the lowest level of the library, and they're renovating the library, so there is scaffolding right up against our exterior doors. Joel collected me at 2pm to go hardware shopping. I squeezed through the door, even more painfully than I'd squeezed in, while my boss made jokes about damage to my boobs. I love my boss to pieces. I want to be a combination of her, and our most regular visitor, Marco Sonzogni, when I grow up. Whenever that is.

Also: I got my full course results on Friday.

I then scuppered them by reminding the course coordinator that I'd handed a particular assignment in late, not "on time", as was marked on her paperwork.

That brought that particular assignment down from "merit" to "pass", which brought the whole module down from "merit" to "pass", which is mildly significant, because there were five modules in the entire assessment. Aaaaaaaaargh.

Well, I feel like I was a good person.

I am mark-obsessed, but higher education administration goons and employers do not care about grades in a way that would make that distinction matter.

I am mark-obsessed, to the degree that I still keep high school reports, and read them, along with certain tertiary-level essay comments, when I need a morale boost. So this particular comment from Rachel makes me want to alternately dance laughing on the deck, and cry:

"I felt that sometimes your efficiency and confidence might be slightly daunting to other team members!"

Reaction 1: what?
Reaction 2: I bluff WELL! I was convinced I sucked at everything!
Reaction 3: Could you possibly have told me that a bit earlier on?
Reaction 4: Did I come across as a bully? Whenever anyone else expressed gloom, I'm sure I offered support. Who would have said this about me?
Reaction 5: That seems like a backhand compliment, emphasis on compliment.
Reaction 6: Gloat?

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I think gloat...

I wish I had the grades to be mark-obsessed. I won't say it's completely not my fault that I don't have grades to be proud of in comp sci, but it's hard to say that I can do as well at coding as someone that's been doing it their entire adult life and worked in the industry. At least you can remember a time when your grades were up there :)

'but it's hard to say that I can do as well at coding as someone that's been doing it their entire adult life and worked in the industry' I'm not quite sure what you're saying there... I guess you can't say that? And surely that's reasonable? I think I'm missing your point.

I think one can be mark-obsessed WITHOUT necessarily having good grades, but it sure helps. And the Fail/Pass/Merit system, with most grades expected to be in the pass range, helps to cure people of it... a little.

Gloat then (a little). :)

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