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Dear Yule Goat
SSar's Beast

Hey you! First, thanks for writing a story for me. This is my second Yule, I had a great time last year, and I'm extremely optimistic that I'll get something fascinating to read at Christmas. Go you for signing up to make that happen.

Second, sorry, caveat: This isn't much of a writing journal. Stalking it will just earn you updates about general life (drinking tea, studying, working, etc). Sorry. I'm doing Yuletide partly to kickstart my writing mojo, so there just isn't much. I have old profiles on fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com, same username. I also did a few bitsy pieces following on this meme (see pieces following that post).

But! You did get matched to me, so we have some fandom in common. Have fun.

What I would love is a story that shows the characters having agency - making a choice that has some consequences. I found this book a little frustrating, and not just because of its cliffhanger ending. McKinley is a wonderful worldbuilder, but in this book the inevitability of everything gets to me. I like the main characters and I like the minor referenced characters and I like the bad guy. So pick whatever character you think is interesting and run with him/her, please. Get them to do something! Okay to deviate from canon.

Alternately, I'm also a linguistics enthusiast, so I'd definitely go for hijinks in the differences between 'high'/formal and 'low'/informal modes of language, or translation difficulties, situations where some people can understand and others can't, etc.

More about what magicians do would also be great, especially if you make it kind of geeky (regarding their levels of esoteric enthusiasm).

What's not to like about this movie? Actually I do have some characters I found more interesting than others, but my enthusiasm encompasses all. Here's a few things you could run with. For one, I think the "Sniper" is a pretty awesome evil minion - I just fell in love with his "ooops" - so I'd love a day in the life, anything about his philosophy, or his backstory. I also love Luz. I'd be keen to read a snippet from the earlier days of her network, how she assembled contacts, and so forth.

I have some further (optional!) suggestions. In the first scenes of the movie, Torrez kills Machete's wife and makes horrible suggestions about his daughter. But Machete Cortez's daughter's fate is never determined beyond, 'In school? I don't think so...' Wouldn't it be great if she didn't get fridged? Wouldn't it be great if she survived - somehow - and somehow met up with Machete again after the events of the movie? Just saying. I think that would be great.

I love the character of April, so although I know I didn't get to request her, if you want to use her or refer to her in some way, sweet!

I'm not in this fandom for the pr0n; if you want to write some because it fits, that's totally cool, but don't write it just for me. Deaths are fine. Can't think of anything I want to specifically ask you to avoid.

Troilus and Criseyde
I studied this poem as part of a university course, "Troy and Troilus", that I absolutely loved. The lecturer was wonderful and the materials (the treatments of the story by Chaucer, Henryson [Lament], and Shakespeare) were fascinating, and I really cared about the characters. What I'd like here is a focus on Criseyde. She's a woman faced with a lot of tough choices and I would love to see any side of her you feel like exploring. For example, so much has just happened to her when we meet her - you could backtrack a bit, if you so chose. I find her relationship with Pandarus really interesting because it's playful and light (on the surface?) and she has the luxury of few playful, light relationships in the city of Troy. But don't include him if you don't want.

I dithered about offering this for a while, but decided that actually, I'd rather request it. I've asked for a story from a perspective other than Jess's. What deductions do the others make as they make their discoveries on board the Aeolus? What if one of them became the instigator of the plot? Do any of the others deserve to be there? I think my favourite other character is Victor, but I will not be disappointed by any of the others.

I realise that the story could get quite dark quite quickly, which is OK with me if it's OK with you. Use your discretion - I'll respect violence and cruelty in the story that's necessary to make your tale work. I don't demand them, though.

I will not be picky about details of the time loop. I'm a hand-wavy kind of gal when I'm enjoying other things about that kind of story, and if a writer's put a little bit of effort in, then I'm more likely to come up with complicated theories as to why a time travel story DOES work than pick apart all the ways it doesn't.

If you haven't seen the movie and could have concerns about triggers, be aware - spoiler - that it includes (briefly depicted) child abuse.

Crackfic or crossovers are A-OK for the first three fandoms.

My requests are slanted towards gen this year, but if you get more het/slashy/? plot ideas, I'll happily read them.

Anonymous comments are enabled on this journal if you would like a little more direction. But I suspect you could have the opposite problem, as I keep... wanting... to edit... the letter.

Above all, if you enjoy writing it, I am confident I will enjoy reading it.

Edit-to-add: Hanging out in Yulechat for a couple of days has made me slightly paranoid about ways in which my requests could be interpreted as a bit unreasonable. I hope you already realised that every time I say "And this would also be great," I mean, "If you want to do that instead." You don't have to write me a Machete story that has the Sniper's previous life AND Luz's border crossing AND April hijinks AND Machete's daughter AND AND AND. Very much 'or'. :)