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Yuletide yuletide yuletide
SSar's Beast
My big thing at the moment is Yuletide. It's my second year, and last year's experience was pretty good. Last year, it took me three hours to fill out the sign up form (but that was actually a positive counterbalance to something crappy which also happened on that day). I wibbled over my offering for ages, and shamefully, didn't get it beta'd, partly because I was embarrassed by my own shortcomings in writing sex scenes. Now I know you that you can just ask for a beta for your sex scenes. The world is a wonderful place. I also finished my offering at 5:30am on Christmas Day, thanks to advantageous time zones. I received two lovely stories: a fluffy story about the Derkholm wizarding students, and a bonus Chaucerian scene. My recipient left friendly commentary on the story I'd written for her, and the archives were full of AMAZING fanfic. What's not to like? This year, I'm again pretty confused about what to offer and request, but I have a couple of ideas. And I've proselytised to a lot of Wellington people, so will have local companions for the adventure. ^!^

It's nearly the end of course. Tomorrow's our big (?) party - a guest speaker, wine, food, etc. We started out by wanting to decorate with peacock feathers and now Keri's gone and hired a stuffed peacock. Awesome, yes? I've been pretty uninvolved with the whole thing, but I do need to bring scissors tomorrow for cutting up fabric. No idea what to wear.

We are looking for a flatmate. I say looking - I'm lazier than that. It's briefly nice having the house just to myself and Joel, but the novelty will wear off when my (also new and novel) paycheck goes straight to rent with nothing left over. I'm dragging my feet over advertising for a stranger, but it'll have to happen soon.

Oh yeah - my team at course also put up the 2011 edition of this website. Poetry and prose! There were various hiccups but it was a pretty fun learning process.

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So with the perspective of being a year onwards, do you think the course was good value?

That's an interesting question. I think I won't know the answer until I start applying for jobs in earnest. I did learn a lot of things, and I learned just how much I didn't know about other things. The course was tightly organised and introduced me to useful and nice people. It was also stressful. The real test is how much more employable it's made me, and I'm not sure I know yet.

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