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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I think this is going to be a good week.

I mean, last week was a good week, and it didn't even have Joel in it - as Joel was on a business trip to Sydney.

This week will have at least one dinner I cook for friends. It will have work, and work is awesome. Also, it will be one of the ONLY THREE remaining weeks of course, and in this case it is awesome that the returns are diminishing here.

Awww. I tried to turn "awesome" into a tag. I think that tells you something about my state of mind.

The END of COURSE is in sight and I will NO LONGER be a STUDENT but a....

... temporarily employed soon-to-be-bum?

Well, it's still better.


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Yay! Have you any future course stuff lined up or are you done with studenthood for a while?

I'm going to be done with studenthood for a very long while. Well - it's possible that I would do short computer skills courses if they seemed necessary for a position, but nothing else is likely.

I'm currently employed by my old university as a research assistant, but only for 150 hours of work.

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