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Highlights: XML and soup
SSar's Beast
In that long time when I didn't bother to update, I was mostly doing course work. For example, the two assignments I handed in last week, which involved such grown up tasks as production schedules and budgets and briefs to designer.

I have read very few books. Breaking that pattern have been the first of Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire series, because the trilogy makes Paul and Joel so happy, and Elizabeth Knox's Daylight, whose ebook version I was proofreading against the print copy as a volunteer service to the printers.

Daylight started out intriguingly but did not finish with any feeling of great meaningfulness. It also started to accumulate really unpleasant images of vampire sex and venom and spines and aftereffects of biting... ugh. I got through the last 80 pages last night, shuddering. (Was it worth it just to point out to VUP that it's not spelt 'Alan Turling'??) Between over-described squick and purple prose - I'd take Twilight over Daylight, thanks.

I'm in the middle of course holidays - not that you'd know it. I was in the classroom today, working on one of my group projects (this year's updated version of this website). Then I went up to the office where I'm doing a part-time job to get a bit of tutoring in some of the code I'm having trouble with. (I am learning XML and TEI kind of on the fly). If it stops raining, I'll go to the gym later.

Things I have learned today:
-how to map network drives on a Mac if given the actual server address
-that opener elements don't like p tags above them (or between them and a div)
-that APA reference style requires you to italicise volume but not issue numbers.