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This turned into a ramble about (among?) flowers
SSar's Beast
I'm on work placement in Thorndon for two weeks - day 3 today - so I've been walking through the Botanical Gardens to get between work and home. During seven years in Wellington I have not been thorough in exploring the Gardens, so there are still paths I've never walked on before when I come across them.

The magnolias are amazing right now. I didn't realise there were varieties with such dark blossoms. They're so startling - this scaffolding of grey branches with flowers as big as... hm. My teapot. And often all of the blossoms on one tree will be in that still-curled stage. So precise! Not like the camellias, which are also showing off all over the place. Camellias are splashy and generous and all about the mess. But rather like the monkeys producing Shakespeare after countless years of typewriting, camellias sometimes come across with deliberate style. The other day I walked to Kelburn village and saw, on the grille of a stormwater drain at the side of the road, about twelve camellia blossoms face-up, quite undamaged and pretty. They could have been washed there or placed there. It's hard to tell with camellias.

Today I found a shrivelling purple balloon in the Gardens. It was yet sufficiently whole and un-grubby that it did not gross me out to pick it up for the purposes of throwing it away like a good citizen. "35th Birthday Bash!" it proclaimed on its side. You know how balloons get those odd ridges in places when they are left to shrink? And when you pick them up and smooth the ridges over, they shrink down to a smooth surface right as you're touching them. That is a weird feeling.

I'm a bit moody lately. Stressed out and stuff. Course is stressful (poor ratio of demand to reward). I had a particularly bad few days at course last week, including one in which both of my groups presented some draft material and my work got totally torn apart in front of the whole class. Then poor Joel got strep throat for the second time this winter. Nothing's actually wrong for me right now but I tend to get home and then have a panic attack over nothing. Stuff eventually gets done.

Today I had cravings for (in this order):
-The whole set of R.O.D. TV, in a legal, subbed NOT dubbed, box set
-A mortar and pestle
-My very own magnolia tree.


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