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On to-do list: make journal entry
SSar's Beast
Right now it's 9:45am on a Saturday morning, and I'm sitting in bed, having just finished breakfast.

However, lately, my life seems to revolve around not what I'm doing right now, but the million other things I should be doing.

For example: reading any of twenty blogs for course; practising XHTML and CSS for course; writing wedding thank-you-letters; tidying my room; reading the books on my gargantuan mental list of books to read; writing draft media releases for course; emailing my parents; applying for graduation; starting or finishing or at least assessing bead projects; and ironing/mending/polishing various items of clothing for work placement on Monday.

I was mentally drafting a post like this the other night, and thought that writing down a list like that would inspire me to append, 'and now I feel as though I need to be drinking this glass of wine more quickly...'

So what do you do when there's fifty million things you should be doing, and you can't do them all right now?

(To-do lists? That's my strategy for today.)

At least it's not too structured a weekend. There are a lot of things I need to do for course, but I don't have to actually go into the classroom for them. I have my friend's expires-on-Sunday pool swimming card, which means I'm morally obligated to go for a nice walk to the pool on a beautiful day. And there's a party at Mikey's house tonight.

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I love a good to do list. They make my life possible. I even take the bigger tasks and try to break them down into sections that won't take more than half an hour so i can keep ticking things off the list and feel like I'l really making progress. Keeps me focused.

I see that I could improve my to-doing: not only do I not break things down at all, I also forget to put the daily stuff on my lists. Sure, I just made dinner and folded laundry and took out the garbage and washed some dishes, but who's to know? Well, hopefully Joel, since he ate dinner.

I've actually heard advice that when you've got Too Much on your plate, don't do any of it, but sit and think about what needs doing and visualise the steps that you need to do, and how good it will feel to have gotten it done. Then ignore it and go have a cup of tea. Tomorrow, have a think about it again, then watch a program you like. And so on and so on.

(I think the psych theory is that it forms positive pathways in your head until eventually you just get up and Do the Stuff without stressing about it.)

That sounds kind of nice.

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