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A day in Toronto
SSar's Beast
I think I "owe" entries about wedding prep and wedding day and honeymoon so far (though to whom?). For now I'll just say I've had a good day. We're in Toronto at the moment and I emailed the boss/mentor at my volunteer job to ask for suggestions on places to see, as she did her undergraduate degrees in Toronto. She suggested, among other things, an awesomely stately art deco water treatment plant.

Out we trekked, on foot and then by streetcar, to this grand pile of a building (piled up further by lots of scaffolding: everything in Toronto seems to be under renovation). This one. Then we walked past it to the beach. More walking. More streetcar. Dinner out in the mall, with tea-based cocktails.

Then Joel and I walked "home" and I did about two hours of my publishing homework while Joel surfed the internet and gamed. Which was about perfect for me. Leisure de-stressing activity plus productive de-stressing activity. All in proximity to Joel.

I have trouble coming down from periods of stress; it's kind of awful to take work on a honeymoon but I was working so hard to get the wedding to come together that my schoolwork got neglected. I think, in the back of my head, the honeymoon was "Joel's thing" to organise... so much his thing rather than mine that I almost didn't compute that I was going on it too. Isn't that silly.

Now time to drag myself away from facebook/assignment (since we students are discussing various assignment problems through our facebook group, these are entwined) and go to bed. Niagara Falls tomorrow!

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It sounds like you guys are having a good time. I'm glad. :) Take pictures of the Art Deco water treatment plant, I'd love to see it.

It is weird to think that you'll be so close to where I grew up.

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