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Things I am thankful for, Thursday
SSar's Beast
-Today's guest speaker was hilarious. "Any more questions about my ex-boyfriend?" "It's just sitting in the magic swimming pool of .tiff-ness."
-My wedding dress is finished. Total cost: approx. $700, of which at least $100 was the cost of poor fabric purchasing decisions. Pretty good deal. It is very swishy and silky.
-Upon leaving the dress maker's shop, Nik and I fell in love with a red dress in the window of the shop next door. Although for complicated reasons Nik could not try it on that day, it seems very likely that she will wear that dress to the wedding. This is pleasing unto me.
-Progress was made on both floristry and catering today.
-Joel appears to have got through the worst of his Evil Bacterial Throat Infection without anyone else in the house catching it. This is a huge relief. I was alarmed when Steph came down with a cold yesterday, but her illness is thankfully milder.
-Pip agreed to do a reading for the wedding!
-I bought a really cute jersey from the dressmaker. It is orange and brown with a leaf pattern and flecks of gold. It makes me look plump, but also super cosy. Which is accurate!
-We are making progress on editing the wedding ceremony as drafted for us by the celebrant. It is kind of a tense activity, so I am very proud of us.

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