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Good things!
SSar's Beast
The Chairs! (not silver)

When Alex moved out last year, he naturally took with him his own furniture, including the best table. Joel and I bought a kit-set table and set of six chairs, at a rather good price.

Or, at least we thought so, until the chairs started dying at a remarkable rate. Perhaps if we'd backed up the screwed-in joints with very strong glue from the outset, they might have lasted longer. But by the time they started to collapse, there was little we could do. Once or twice they collapsed during dinner parties, underneath some blameless guest. Soon there was a 'chair graveyard' in our spare room, where dead or undead chairs were sent to pile up. Because it's hard to get rid of large junk when you're a student with no car.

Anyway, instead of a chair graveyard, we now have a chair forest. Joel's company was replacing its boardroom chairs - although they were perfectly sound - and Joel swooped in to claim them. We have NINE office-style non-swivelly chairs. I am excited! I can even put one in my room, at my desk! That is a novel luxury. They are all over the lounge, being in the way, suggesting the kind of furniture-blanket-fortress that Steph and co constructed a week back.

My course has calmed down a little. After my recent period of super-demanding activity, I have experienced a sudden drop in motivation - mental downtime, I guess. However, I was still stressed about the tasks to be completed in the last week before sending the book to print, this week. I donated blood on Monday, tossed and turned all night in a fever-dream about the index, and woke up feeling hammered. More fever dreams on Tuesday night. Guilt dragged me into class on Wednesday and Thursday, where I downed painkillers in order to keep my voice; today I gave up and stayed in bed. It's been really nice. I sent my team-mates a casual text telling them to send the book to print without me. After all, they're at least as competent as I am.

I shall probably find more to talk about when more lucid. Note to self: academic lectures, Wai-te-ata, LARP costume, garlands. Love to all.


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