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The Argument from Elation (in brief)
SSar's Beast
Today was one of the best days of my life.

I invited my friends to my Philosophy lecture. RECOMMENDED.

I spent my time with a close friend in between lectures.

I carried around letters from my friends all day, hoping to find time to reply to them - but although I didn't find that time, I had them with me, and that felt warm and fuzzy and lovely.

I wandered around Wellington with a new friend. I have made a university friend! It's so amazing, I forgot to add exclamation marks. I will hereby codename him um, um, um, Mint, because that doesn't mean anything. I'll codename him something better later.

I arrived back at my room to find a letter from Pip. A WONDERFUL letter.

I came up to the computer suite to find an email from Zali.


Now, after checking on online friends, I'm going to
a) write letters
b) write lecture notes
c) get sleep.

Am also practicing techniques to promote lucid dreams. But I dreamed of Pip last night so, well, that'll certainly do...

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I haven't talked to you in seemingly forever....
Have you gotten my letter by the way? I sent it quite a bit ago.
*whispers* What's your new friend's(Mint's)name? I actually think that is a pretty good codename.

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