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SSar's Beast
I came up with a means of subtly referring to Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde in my wedding clothing. And no, not to do with that unfortunate re-gifted brooch. White eagles and heart-swapping.

If I did it right, I could even second-layer-reference the Great Seal of the USA, that being my birth nationality; however, exceptional success would mean that I'd spend the minutes before the ceremony going 'look at me and my vambraces, I am so clever'. Rather than, you know, important things.

It's yet another one of those Implausible Craft Projects I come up with from time to time, so I probably shouldn't mention the details until I've actually started the thing. Also, I shouldn't mention the details because it's time to do my project planning and structural editing homework.

Still, I shall go to my homework with a nice warm geeky glow.

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It sounds absolutely spectacular, really.

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