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Entries for a pillow book
SSar's Beast
*on Tuesday, when I was walking up the street from gym to home, I noticed a sudden whiff of jasmine tea

*today I had one of those moments when you're looking at someone you already know and you suddenly realise they're beautiful in a way you didn't see before. Not as if you're getting a crush on that person, just a sort of aesthetic rearrangement in your head. It's surprising and cool when that happens

*the wedding celebrant posted us an invoice for our deposit with her. Card and envelope dotted with adorable glossy heart stickers. I like this woman. She likes stationery and green tea, and is organised

*the German Bakery in Kelburn makes AMAZING things

*discovered five of my classmates hiding in the break room today when I went to get tea. This led to charming conversations

... a surprising number of these are about tea, so let's just skip to tea = panacea. tea tea tea.

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I love it when the second thing happens. It's happened more frequently as I have gotten older, which is lovely. It's especially nice when you re-realise that about your parents. :)

My new favourite tea is white tea with jasmine

Oooh. I think I'm too unsophisticated for white tea because of its subtlety; I love highly flavoured black and green teas.

Agreed. ^!^

I saw the word tea and had to read your entry.

How proper. Carry on. ^!^

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