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Important Addendum
SSar's Beast
Before Christchurch happened, I was planning to post cheerfully; the most wonderful thing was something Joel did. I got home on Thursday night (the 17th) quite late, and after reconnecting with people, asked Joel what time he wanted to set the alarm for. "Oh, whenever you want," he said.

"But don't you have work tomorrow?"

"No. I took the day off to spend it with you."

Which, after a stressful and unhappy week, was the best thing ever for me. I was so grateful. We spent Friday mostly sitting in bed playing computer games or reading; we went out to check out a wedding venue, which was very much not for us, and Joel bought us both iced chocolatey drinks. The rest of the weekend went on in a similar fashion. It was relaxed and lovely, and Joel had organised a couple of other nice surprises in my absence. Words are insufficient for the glow in my heart regarding this.

This week has been odd. The Whitireia course has been so much fun that it makes me think about Army lore, where they're supposed to be super super nice to you until you're fully committed and then WHAM. A month from now, and we'll see? Christchurch happened, and while I don't even have any close friends who have close friends missing - as far as I know yet - it has made us all anxious and edgy and sad, running around with credit cards and baked goods.

We actually have a date for the wedding now, thank goodness. Now desperately trying to figure out celebrants & photographers, dresses & flowers. (OK: the first part should translate as 'keeping up with roadtomanderlay as SHE contacts celebrants & photographers.")

Many of my friends are in a very large and minutely organised LARP that will occur in a couple of weeks. It's fun to look over their shoulders, as it were, as they figure out their costumes and initiate in-character emails.