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We've been advised to stay off cellphones for non-urgent calls.
SSar's Beast
Well, there was going to be a longer entry about how great my weekend was, but for the moment... wow, Christchurch. There was another very large earthquake at 1pm (the ground didn't stop shaking for at least half an hour): 6.3 on the Richter scale, but shallower and with greater acceleration (equal to force of gravity!) than the September shake. Everyone is worried for Christchurch relatives (I'm glad I have none) as there are confirmed fatalities and greater damage. I was already going to refresh my emergency kit this week; now I certainly won't forget. I walked back down the hill to class today, and looked out at the city, which I probably take for granted a lot more than I should.

It's been enough time that there are probably some good reviews out there about what the most useful charities are to donate to. As someone not trained in emergency response and without any special resources, like many of us, it's probably the best option right now. Any suggestions, guys?

Edit: On a more heartening note, the NZ Blood Service is broadcasting loudly that it's quite OK for blood for now, thank you everyone, please stop asking; and Wellington International Airport launched a facebook page to place stranded passengers in accommodation, and within half an hour changed its message to, 'we've placed everyone, you can stop offering now!'. It's lovely to see people in action this way.

The donation situation is a little confusing, though that could just be me. I think I'll wait until the morning and see if the messages from National Bank have cleared up slightly.

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Eh, well, this account no. is still the least murky; I have sent money. Hopefully we'll be able to donate blood and supplies soon as well.

There's a foodbank-style drive on Wigan Street tomorrow between 12 and 5, but I haven't been able to verify its accuracy.
It was a sad feeling to realise that the only marketable skill I have in situations like this is being remotely able-bodied.

Sounds good enough. I'll buy some toiletries (they're asking for toilet paper, soap, stuff like that, as well as non-perishables and baby care gear) and head over there at some point.

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