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I've been in my mind, it's such a fine line
SSar's Beast
Today was better! I had a decent conversation with Dad. Totally okay with me if he wants to talk about how bad he's feeling; not okay with me if he wants to take these feelings out on me. Today's big conversation was more of the former, in which I managed to gently mention some of my problems with the latter.

I also went to his gym with him this morning. It is much larger and shinier than mine, also cheaper, though that might be because Dad gets seniors' rates. Going again tomorrow. Endorphins are a great high. And it's fun watching Dad play basketball. He's actually really good; he has a group of about five seriously sporty guys my age who call him up for matches. Today it was a hot blond English guy called Alan who could dribble the ball barely inches off the floor.

Mum and Susy and I sat around and brainstormed wedding flowers/decorations, which was nice. So was the King's Speech, which Susy kindly accompanied me to after Dad pulled out (her second viewing).

The neighbours have a protection order. I realise I mentioned a protection order before; previously, this guy was forbidden to contact his ex-wife and kids (who live elsewhere in the city); now, that order has been extended the members of her close family whom he just attacked. I think it's still a protection order due to them being relations; or the correct term may be restraining order.

Hmmm... Dad has been using my room to store his DVDs (and ALL MANNER of other stuff; it's a little weird to pull boxes of wine bottles out from under your bed) which means that the box set of Firefly I got him however many Christmases ago is just behind the door. I think I'll watch Heart of Gold.