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The gravity of duties, the ground speed of joy
SSar's Beast
I am in Auckland. Talking to my parents continuously is exhausting. Mum and I baked muffins yesterday. Mum was dismayed when they came out a bit dry, and stuck to the muffin tin, but I saved them with an adorable orange glaze, and Mum's book club liked them very much. Dad was going to get me into his gym today, but he strained a muscle yesterday, so no go. In a few minutes I'll go for a run instead. The weather here is fine.

I'm feeling a bit down, so I shall briefly record my two favourite parts of last week.

Tuesday - I met up with my friend Rosita. She and I rarely see each other - a deuced pity - and I suddenly found out she was having her wedding last week. Very low-key affair, so I wasn't entirely surprised that I didn't know, but I really wanted to see her and congratulate her. So we sat and drank Ciocco hot chocolates, and chatted, and Rosita asked what I was doing for the rest of the evening. "Nothing - I have two hours to kill before a gym appointment," I said. Rosita suggested we go see if Tangled was on; and it turned out to be starting five minutes after we walked into Readings. So I cancelled the gym appointment and we watched a cute movie. I so rarely do spontaneous things. I'm always booked to the minute. It was so nice.

Friday - My good friend Susy, of Auckland, came down to my city. I finished up at my last day of work with Herculean effort (and thank you, anord, for helping me sort stuff at the last last last minute!) such that my hands cramped for the last three hours every time I tried to fold an envelope. Then I ran off to meet Susy, and brought her along with me to inspect this venue as a candidate for my wedding ceremony. The man showing me around was enthusiastic and encouraging. I braced myself to tell him I needed it for a wedding - expecting a ferocious scowl or a price hike - but to my delight, his face broke out in a smile. "Well!" he said, sounding very pleased. "We haven't had a wedding here before!" And offered it to me for the whole day, ceremony and reception (there's a small kitchen) for $200. I have booked in a time to inspect Turnbull House, but really, I think we have a winner. This feels so very encouraging.

Then Susy and I ate a tiramisu at Strawberry Fare, and Susy, Pip and I sat in Motel for the rest of Friday evening, drinking their wonderful cocktails, enjoying their wonderful atmosphere, and talking about wedding stuff. I tried to buy one of their menus, as usual (currently themed around the Boxer Rebellion). The "Krupp's Cup" is AMAZING. It was a lovely evening.

Susy had bought a wedding magazine to read on the plane (even though I'd told her not to). I am happy to report that it justified its existence, because we used it to rescue a giant weta from the street. The pages of wedding magazines are so nice and stiff, and therefore well suited to scooping up beautiful, endangered insects who happen to have no thought for their personal safety.

Also, we have signed a lease for another year at our flat, and our landlord did not raise the rent, which is always good. He seemed obliging about getting some minor things fixed, and was kind enough to take several large broken items (chairs, heater) away with him to a skip he was using.

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No increased rent this year? No one mentioned that. Awesome!

*grins* Yeah, well, don't worry, if he'd suggested we raise the rent, that would have been the FIRST thing I mentioned, and I would have insisted to him that we all at least have a day to think about it.

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