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32 hours now remain at my job.
SSar's Beast
...And when I mean I'm working a lot, I mean this year has had 38 days. 5 were public holidays. I've worked on 27. The others were Saturdays, and... today.

Suddenly I don't feel so bad about spending most of today playing Zuma, re-reading The Will of the Empress, and petting Alphie. Work offered me today off in lieu of Waitangi Day. I agonised over this. Finally I realised there were limits even to my workaholism.

However, because it's me, and I seem to fail at getting through a day without some measure of progress - does that even work? - I tried to fix the vacuum cleaner, which is broken (the actual tube is broken at a fixed plastic point). The combined powers of the hot glue gun, cardboard, and duct tape failed, oh noes. Then I vacuumed the house anyway, with the broken nozzle, because it's been at least three weeks, and come on.

Gosh. I sound really bombastic.

The greatest sense of achievement, so far, today, has come from completing a unicorn in a beading pattern that fits over the stem (the bit between the handle and the leather bit - does that have a technical name?) of a DVice riding crop. It will eventually be a dramatic prop for someone (and if it gets used for other things, that's really not my business; fine by me, but nor is it my main aim). The design is, obviously, cylindrical, and features unicorns and flowers, created on a pixellated grid which is 20 wide. (Then, of course, I reduced without meaning to, and had to re-jig the design to be 19 squares wide).

It just feels AWESOME to hold up this thing and think, "That's a unicorn! It looks like a unicorn! It's purple and pink and red and shiny and it's less than 2cm wide!" Maybe even less than half an inch.

It takes ages, though. I am using the beading technique called 'square stitch' which has a sort of chain-mail pattern. And every bead has to be added separately. Which, in my grid of 19x60-ish, means approximately 1200 stitches. And the thread twists as it goes, so it keeps trying to tie itself in twisty fake knots.

But this is a fun challenge. And I'm enjoying the novelty. I'm hoping I get through it with sufficient speed that I have enthusiasm left over, so I can apply it to the last beading project before this one, which was giving me trouble. It was designed as a hanging, only I think the part that's structurally supporting the weight won't be strong enough. And it's a morse code beading project, which requires seriously intense concentration. At least with the unicorns, I can listen to an audiobook while I craft.

Speaking of audiobooks, Simon Schama got a bit more interesting once I got to the bit of History of Britain that deals with parts of the Peterborough Chronicle that I've read in Old English. Only, that was sadly brief. Now I'm feeling slightly out of my depth among William the Conqueror's grandchildren, but fun Beckett times are ahead.

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Suddenly I don't feel so bad about spending most of today playing Zuma

So that's why you've got gold on my last three leaderboards, damn you! :P

But you're definitely an inspiration for that! You're kind of my favourite pace-matcher person for things like Zuma and Bejewelled Blitz. Anyway, Zuma really hates loading on my computer, so it's a fair handicap.
Me *refresh refresh refresh*
Zuma *no.*

I'm cofident that i beat you this week! It doesn't matter that i've never managed to get near that score again. I happened once. That's all thats needed.

You did! I didn't even come near 800. And yeah, I tried.

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