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SSar's Beast
*waves* Hi, I'm SSar! Currently I work a lot. *disappears below waves*

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Is it making the days pass too quickly for you, too?

Well. Not really at present; there is nothing I am rushing towards that I fear, and no enormous project I should be working on that I don't have time for, apart from the wedding. As long as I have time for gym and Joel at the moment, I"m content. But it is exhausting.

I'm keen to hear more about your new job, and what it actually is. Intentionally or not, you're being rather mysterious about these details. ^!^

It is a completely unintentional state of mystery, I assure you! I hadn't realised just how little I'd imparted about my job until this very moment, so I will do my best to take away some of the mystery very soon.

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