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Wedding Planning Progress!
SSar's Beast
I have ruled out two places so far: one booked out, one hostile. Still looking. Must be inside, must have sufficient seating for approximately 80.

Somewhere between 8 and 22 July. I think. We have to plan around the Whitireia semester schedule. Can't decide if this is lame or just quintessentially my style of doing things. It's always about when classes are. Yes, I realise that in July, in Wellington, the weather is horrible. I am very okay with that. It helps to shoot down some of my friends' sillier suggestions.

Okay, we have a draft version of this, with gradations of "essential" to "would be nice". I called up Christine and Robert and point-blank begged them to come. They said they would. This was upsettingly awkward but I suppose I got what I wanted out of it.

Mine are sorted: Pip, Susy. One's on a holiday in the US, and one lives in Auckland. Luckily, they're good at emailing and texting me to say things like, "Are you going to have flowers? I think you should have flowers."

Nada. Not even thinking about it yet. To be fair, Nik did put together a nice list of celebrants, caterers, and photographers for us, but until we get the wedding venue locked down, the rest is hard to plan.

Some vague ideas. Awesome sci-fi/fantasy murals. Flowers.

Somewhat depends on the ceremony venue; however, Strawberry Fare are making encouraging noises. Joel isn't big on dancing, nor are most of my friends, so that will probably not be a priority. Speeches - well, there will NOT be a father of the bride speech, ha! - we'll see about that later.

Not the highest priority. As long as we get a couple of days off after the ceremony, we're satisfied; more if we can manage it. Time is at a premium. Joel has kindly offered to organise it, if we have time for it.

Non-religious, not too formal or long. I would like my friends to do some readings. Possibly we will personalise the vows a little; what with all the mess going on in relationships close to me, I might want to meditate on what marriage means to me, and express this. Two marriages I care about experienced severe downturns in 2010. It ongoingly sucks.

Sadly, I have actually thought about this. And bought a corset. And become ambitious about beading projects. I'm thinking: corset, skirt, short flat-heeled boots. Green, black, silver, ivory, and chocolate brown are all colours I like (not all at once!)

You tell me.

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Wheee, progress! Things look like they're moving for us both. :D VERY glad to hear that Strawberry Fare is looking like a possibility!

Some thoughts from me:

1) Here is a pretty comprehensive list of wedding/social function venues in Wellington. It even lists a few theatres! I do know the pain, btw- we've now lost out first choice of reception venue for January. :( So, it's back to the drawing board for us!

2) I've been to two weddings in July (one in Welly, one in CHCH), and they were just gorgeous, despite the crappy weather! So, it's all good. :)

3) As far as photography goes- we've got ourselves a lovely photographer named Paula, who is travelling from the Hawke's Bay to do our wedding. If you like, I can pass on her contact details. She's very affordable (and doesn't include the cost of travelling in the price), and her work is gorgeous!

4) Wedding flowers, as I'm sure you've heard, can be ludicrously expensive. So, definitely shop around when choosing a florist! I have known people who have used fake flowers in their wedding, which looked awesome.

5) YAY CORSET!! Where'd you get yours?!

6) Anything I can do, just say the word. :)

Yes, indeed, I have seen that venue site and I like it muchly. Does your lovely Paula (nice name) have a website? I need to get some quotes on flowers - but that's a long way down the track. The corset vendor was, but I have also dealt with representatives from and and they both seem to have quality product. Eat your heart out!!

And thanks. Maybe we could get together over the weekend and watch Confetti? I think it would inspire me.

Love, SSar

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