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Too much life to write about
SSar's Beast
Last week Joel was away. Traditionally, I use this as an excuse to overstuff my life with events, but I really outdid myself last week. In some sort of order, there were: nearly-fulltime work, three gym visits, knitting club, a pole dancing lesson, an hour-long swim, laser tag, drinks in town, a night market, a cooking lesson, phone calls with both of my parents, and online chatting until 2am. I probably missed something. Oh yes! A tea party, and a dinner at my lecturers' house.

The theory is, lately, that when Joel is here, I run social commitments past him because otherwise I overcommit and complain about being tired. Let's see if that works. So far today, Kristene already pleaded with me to work this Thursday and Friday in the evening after my regular job (me: DAMNIT, SAM, YOU DO IT), and Siyamala has asked if I can do data entry this Sunday. Tonight is gym or pool and/or knitting club. Tomorrow is pole dancing and I need to make a cake which is what I have offered to trade for the Adobe InDesign tutorial I'm getting on Wednesday. Theoretically, I filled up all of my evenings for this week before noon Monday (but I am really dragging my heels over market research).

Gosh, this sort of list must be boring to read. Some time tonight I mean to type up an extract from The Neverending Story because I've been thinking a lot about it lately. It's sad that people see the movie and then stop there. I think it was a good movie, but the book is witty and wonderful and suggested some things that have stayed with me ever since I read it as a kid.

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I feel vaguely irrelevant...


Er, shall we just have a quiet night in tonight when I get back from the pool/gym/?

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