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Panda Pugilists
SSar's Beast
Our New Years involved a paddling pool, three packets of kid-safe bath jelly stuff, black and white makeup, bikinis, and kitty ears with the tops cut off so that they looked rounded.

The panda combatants were cabaiste84, miriamus, roadtomanderlay, and myself. Erin had the best backstory, as a wannabe Hollywood panda actress turned wrestler when in a fit of rage she smashed up some stuff after losing an audition.

To a set of songs picked out by Russ, as well as a Bearcat mix, we splashed and wrestled. Paul commented. I eventually won.

Joel declared himself well satisfied with his birthday/Christmas present, and there is now a paddling pool hung up to dry over the laundry line.

Also: I have friends who, when told, "So, we're having panda jelly wrestling for New Year's Eve..." said, "Cool! I'm in!" I love you people.

I have been spending the last ten or so days in a puddle of sloth and fanfic; my cultural knowledge has been increased by one Dark City (1998), which I have an inexplicable urge to cross over with The Place Promised in Our Early Days / Kumo no mukô, yakusoku no basho (2004).

However, I now have several other fanfic projects up my sleeve: musicforwolves, who participated in Yuletide along with me, decided to turn most of his other Christmas presents into fanfic too, and so there's a splinter NZ exchange of himself, anord, 20thcenturyvole, Alex R, and apparently me. So far I've volunteered to write fanfic for Dollhouse, Look Around You, and possibly Watchmen (2009) (Watchmen being a tentative pick from a list of options Russ sent me.).

And I should probably mention that I wrote the following for Yuletide: Role, Play, which is a Tamora Pierce Circle of Magic fic which fleshes out *cough* some backstory for Rosethorn and Lark; and Real Princesses, which was a cheerful, snarky fairy tale fic including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, the youngest of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and a different take on the Princess and the Pea.

Now the end-of-holiday duties are catching up to me: send off formal application documentation to Whitireia, compose a resignation letter at my job (3.5 YEARS OMG), kick off the wedding research again, and email my parents.

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Your Yuletide fics sound fascinating and I would love links.

Thank you, I'm flattered... It was my first attempt at femmeslash, though, so I'm not particularly proud of the sex writing. Here are the two stories.

D'you need an AO3 invite? I have one spare one.

Real Princesses was fuuuun. Role, Play is delightful; I love the backstory you give them.

Thank you, but no; I don't really write much fanfic these days.

Aw, thank you!

No, I guess your characters in various universes would take up more of your time in that regard? That is, I know you used to have journals for a lot of characters but I don't know if you've kept that up.

It's turned into fandom RPing these days, yeah.

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