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Yuletide Fanfic Recs Again
SSar's Beast
Okay, you need this in your life. It is Gamol-léac, a "lost fragment" of Beowulf featuring the Old Spice ads guy. 'And out he poured / upon the Geatlings // The musk of manhood / the Gamol-léac.' Yes, I gave you the link twice. Well, I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Also, No Reservations: Narnia is what it says on the tin: Anthony Bourdain attempts to drink Reepicheep under the table, and is encouraged to try the very traditional cuisine of the Marshwiggles. Currently giggling out loud. But what's best about this fic is that although its premise is utterly absurd, it does very well at taking itself seriously. It is laugh-out-loud fic, but it's also like that scene in Prince Caspian (yes, the book, drat you) when the girls and the satyrs and the Maenads are drinking and partying with Aslan but they don't get so much tipsy as they get joyful.

Advent of Veronica is a Christmas-themed fic in the Better Off Ted Universe. Slightly rough around the edges but worth it for sheer hyperactive creativity. "Veronica [sic] office smelled like curdled cream and rotting meat. Just like summer camp when she was a girl. Seven silver swans with diamond hard beaks for undersea drilling swimming in a plastic tub from Phil and Lem. Still nothing from Ted. She sent him the bones of a goose through interoffice mail." Full of blink-and-you-miss-it golden moments, just like the show.

This was meant to be much longer, but again, archive is at peak usage.


Mengage a Folle is another Better Off Ted work which is just plain fun; it gets the Rose voice exactly right. Ted/Veronica/Linda/scheduling.

In Dreams is a short work based on Robin McKinley's Pegasus - lovely delicate tone which crosses the species barrier in a very poignant way.


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