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Yuletide Fanfic Recs!
SSar's Beast
My main occupation for today: reading fanfic. In fact, Joel and I were up until past 2am last night because I wanted to read fanfic. I understand it is customary to post lists of recommendations, and then more lists, and more, and so on. On to it, then.

Firstly, I got two gifts!

Girls' Night In is set in Diana Wynne Jones's Derkholm universe, following The Year of the Griffin. It is great. Elda is just *so* Elda and there are lovely little glimpses of the main characters' interactions with off-screen University characters, and Melissa is coming in to her own. I grinned a bit loon-ish-ly, reading this.

Alchemy is a picture of the Tabard Inn of the Canterbury Tales after all the pilgrims have returned from the pilgrimage and gone their separate ways - well, almost. The Nun's Priest and the Clerk are set up as slightly absurd opposites - one very competently garrulous, one prissy. Fun and wordplay and omg!this canon!

Looking a bit further...

One of Many Circles is a fic based on the Wallace Stevens poem '13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird'. It is brilliant, and so very smoothly done. It turns into a completely unexpected story which can be read without knowing the poem. But SERIOUSLY, read it, read the poem, then flail.

Nor Custom Stale is a story set in a fandom obscure enough to surprise me: L. M. Montgomery's Blue Castle. Valancy gets a fairy tale, but what does Olive think?

Making Something from Nothing is a Dollhouse fanfic focusing on Priya and Adelle. I love the portrayal of Adelle here and the story takes on surprising energy/optimism towards the end.

With Friends Like These is a Charlie Brooker RPF, dirty and highly amusing; I don't usually go for RPF at all but I know some of you will enjoy this, and it has one of the most outrageous premises I've ever heard, the last line of which is 'cue much panic and blowjobs'.

There would be more, but the slowness of the archive is tiring me out. Perhaps I'll have another look after dinner, when the American time zones get further into night.