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(And apparently this is the non-mad version of Yuletide)
SSar's Beast
Argh, Yuletide wibble.

My last day of work was Monday. I spent most of Tuesday attempting and failing to write fanfic, except for a nice brief shopping interlude during which the winds they gusted and the rains they fell and I got blown halfway across the Warehouse parking lot. It was quite worth it.

I realised around midday that I could just upload my truly horrible and prissy draft fic (only one phrase of which has survived to the current version), and edit it later, so I did that.

Since anord and Alex were heading off to Napier before Joel and I would get back from Christchurch, Tuesday night involved a shared meal and an exchange of gifts. Aaaah I love my flatmates. I have had such wonderful ones.

The best part was Joel's gift "to" Steph's cat, Alphie. To truly comprehend this project you need a little bit of backstory. Do you know who Paul and Storm are? If not, go here. If yes, continue: do you know about their Randy Newman songs? If not, first go here, and click "Hear" on the track "Theme from Lord of the Rings" which is the seventh song down on the album Opening Band. When you've done that, go here and continue listening. Got it? Great.

Now that we're all on the same page, I can explain that Joel recorded a song in this vein (with a phenomenally accurate vocal style) to the Paul and Storm piano track, and commissioned 20thcenturyvole to draw cover art. This was what we unwrapped. For about half a minute, Steph and I wondered wildly if Joel had in fact paid Paul and Storm themselves to produce it, but we eventually recognised Joel's voice, and noticed Alex Cass's signature on the cover art, and the penny dropped.

By that point, of course, we had collapsed into puddles of laughter. I love weaselfilms.

So, we got down to Christchurch and over to Akaroa without incident (I don't think it should have taken nearly ninety minutes to get from the airport to the central city, but anyway), and Fran's wedding was very beautiful. The wedding venue was a charming hall surrounded by trees and backed by a stream; the ceremony was brief, straightforward, and warm; and a very low-key reception followed. It was a bit awkward for weaselfilms, cabaiste84, purplesparkler, and myself, as all of us only really knew the bride; but we danced and drank and managed to chat a little. The next day, Joel and I wandered briefly around the International Antarctic Centre - Christchurch is the major gateway to the Antarctic - and flew home.

During many spare moments (in the airplane, etc) I was scribbling down fanfic ideas.

Some friend-related drama ensued across Thursday and Friday, but by Friday evening, I had a turkey in the oven and champagne in the fridge, and Joel and I enjoyed these with Pip.

The fanfic ideas were still bubbling around my head, and I was worried about archive potentially slowing around final deadline time, so I ended up staying up until 5:30am on Christmas morning writing fanfic.

Yes, that's right. Who do you know who would do an assignment all-nighter on Christmas Eve? Me.

Now it's still shitty and has a really lame sex scene - it pretty much does a "and then they had sex" at the end, which I realise, and which makes me cringe BIG TIME - but at least it's a moderately coherent story, and I have another couple of hours to twiddle slightly. It's up there.

This is how everyone feels, right? It's-lame-but-at-least-it's-there-fidget-fidget-fidget?

Merry Christmas, everybody. And by saying that, I'm not requiring you to be bellowing your joy from the rooftops. I just hope you get through it OK, peace being an excellent bonus, merriment also being an excellent bonus. Love from me.