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SSar's Beast
So, this chocolate mousse with cherry topping was what I did with the rest of the fresh cherries. Everyone loved it and mused aloud on the possibility of starting romantic (or lustful) relationships with it.

Though I have to say, why is everyone so afraid of cinnamon? I used the advised amount and could barely taste it. Moar spice plz.

My personal dramas are gradually lifting. I spent most of today reading fanfic and drinking tea, which is the most relaxed day I can remember having since our trip to America. Then a horde of people appeared for dinner, anord and I worked like maniacs to get a lot of good food on the table, we ate in extremely good company, anord and musicforwolves set out for the weekly Soup Dragon show (9pm-Midnight NZ time, streams here), and roadtomanderlay, purplesparkler, and weaselfilms helped me clean up. By which point I was highly ratty because being surrounded by people, in my home, for hours at a stretch does this to me. Luckily everyone realises this by now, and when I ask for ten minutes of peace in the middle of doing the dishes, I get it.

Still working on my Yuletide fic. My recipient is both easygoing and clear in her request, so that hasn't been a problem. Actually sitting down and writing it has been! Plus suddenly realised that I have been invited to write explicit femmeslash (I didn't realise this at first because I was confused by the AO3 rating system) which is a little daunting - I have never really tried before! Anyway, I think I can have a shot at these two characters' relationships.

There was also some high culture, last night and last week. Last night, I went to a performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio with stephanie_pegg. We are both somewhat ignorant about classical music (especially in my case) but our friend and former lecturer was in the choir, and he'd invited us. It was all very impressive, and we found ourselves in the front row which gave us a good if slightly restricted view. I wished I'd known more about the piece (and the programmes sold out too quickly for us!) but it was fun to do something different. Similarly, purplesparkler and I went to a performance of the visiting Young @ Heart Choir last Sunday, because she'd seen the documentary and enthusiastically recommended it to me. That was also great - though more easy to appreciate! You have NOT heard "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" or "All We Have Is Now" or "White Rabbit" until they have been sung by a group of seriously groovy seniors. They also included the Conchords' "It's Business Time" in their repertoire. Priceless.

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Speaking of cover versions of classic songs: in that Leonard Cohen mix you gave me, there's a brilliant version of "Anthem" sung by two women. Can you please tell me who they are? It's an Apple-format file, and I can't access the metadata because I don't have iTunes.

Oops, sorry! It's Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen, on the soundtrack of Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man. Apparently they previously worked with Cohen as backup singers.

Ah, excellent - thank you! I must confess that I like that version better than the original; the harmonies are so beautiful.

Actually, I'm suddenly not sure if I gave you that one, or if I gave you the Hattie and Charlie Webb version from Leonard Cohen: Live in London (his most-recent-but-one world tour). SSar!fail. It was probably the Webb sisters version. On the plus side, the Batalla/Christensen version's lovely too.

*smiles* I'm listening to it again just to check which version I gave you, and yes, it is Batalla/Christensen, and it is beautiful.

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