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Status update, LJ style
SSar's Beast
Well, that went about as well as a visit to my parents could have been expected to go. I will spare you (and spare my dignity) the gory details. On the other hand, Auckland's weather started gloomy and sorted itself out, and I hung out with Susy, Lexie, and 20thcenturyvole, went to my favourite beach, and drank and bought an awful lot of tea (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: YOU ARE GETTING TEA FOR CHRISTMAS). Even seeing Mum's new flat kind of counts as a plus, because it's sunny, has a good amount of space, and a good location, so I think she did pretty well for herself there.

I am starting up snail mail writing again, thanks to Cordelia's input, and I have an interview with Whitireia at the end of the week. The NZETC have not responded to my job application, after a week has elapsed - then again, I did discover three typos in the CV I submitted, despite claiming in my cover letter that attention to detail was one of my greatest strengths, ouch.

Now to do wedding research and go back to work.

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Why do those typos always happen just when you don't want them to? In my most recent job application, my letter included something about a passion for consistency... and then I went and used a double-barrelled word three times: twice with a hyphen and once without. Oh yeah, that's consistency for you. ARGH.

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