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SSar's Beast
"Are you excited?" Steph asked me two, or three, or four times yesterday. Yes I was. It was to be the first time I went to a gig in town, because the New Pornographers were playing at the San Francisco Bathhouse.

So Amanda, cabaiste84, Matt, anord, Alex, and I had brisk Thai dinners and gourmet ice creams, picking up and dropping various people along the way, and made it to the SanFran at 9:45pm, where we were informed that the band would come on at 10pm.

Brief craft!geek moment: when we got in, we were stamped on the wrist, but not just with any stamp. We received the print of the Octopus in Glasses from the stamp range of Nut and Bee. I was all, "aw, I have a sticker of this!" Cute stuff, think Christmas gifts... ANYWAY.

We snuck up the side, to the position that we (Steph, Amanda, Erin, me) were to occupy for the next hour and a half - in the alley everyone pushed through to get to the toilet. No matter! We had a good enough view. And then there was music! I was holding out for 'Mutiny I Promise You', but was thrilled by 'These Are The Fables', 'Use It', and 'Crash Years'. It's funny, I was so thrilled by the experience of hearing some favourite songs sung up close, but although I'd known I would hear many songs I didn't know, they weren't such an interesting experience. I've mostly heard Twin Cinema and Together. Perhaps I'm just too biased; I often listen to an album three or four times before I really like it.

We were packed in close. The girls in front of me were dancing a bit wildly for the available space (ie, dancing at all - I really wanted to, but could only sort of wave my hands and sway from foot to foot like a hopeful teddy bear originally designed to walk) and I wanted to say snarky things to one in particular about whether she wanted her handbag back after I'd made love to it (it was digging into my, um, abdomen), but at least they were enjoying themselves. I wore my boots-of-$1-awesome, which started to feel as they were burning my feet; I'd brought spare shoes, though.

The band were wonderfully relaxed on stage, promising to come back if we invited them (cue a dozen offers of spare rooms, good TV) and amused by the enthusiasm they were receiving. ("You're the loudest crowd we've played to!" [SCREAMS, WHISTLES] ..."I guess we're trying to say, settle down...")

We didn't linger after - it was hot and packed and Steph, the greatest enthusiast, had met the band before. Today I feel truck-run-over, to my surprise. It was fun.

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(Deleted comment)
You're welcome! The bar/venue is right next door to Madam Fancy Pants, which sells quite a bit of your merch, so it makes sense.

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