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SSar's Beast
Another day in which I was happy!

I actually had an excuse to use my cloak's hood today. I was writing a letter in the park and the sun was fierce so I used it to shade my face. Good - because I'd been beginning to think that my hood might be superfluous.

~I met Caryl! I paced up and down impressively in my cloaky cloak until a girl ran towards me. I think we said, respectively, "Hi!" and "Caryl!!" Then Josh showed up. We proceeded to alarm the people from Caryl's school who were waiting for the bus by being dramatic and happy and group-hugging. Or, at least, it would have been fun had we alarmed them.

~Hung around with Josh muchly. *big dramatic whine* Come baaaack now...

~I missed Pip.

~I called Dad to organise funds transfer.

~I crave coca-cola and am going off in search of it. Coca cola I love you, and I think I have enough money for you, too... *drool*

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Ohhh...I wish I could meet you guys! If I ever go to New Zealand I need to track you down...like the rats you are...*Looks sinister*

You're very welcome to.


But I am not a rat. I'm a gargoyle or a puppy, depending on how you see me.

You know? I'm going to have to pretty soon see a picture of you in that cloak of yours.

Yep! I'll send you one... as soon as I have one.

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