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Dear Yuletide Goat
SSar's Beast

Okay, this is my first time doing Yuletide, and I had a much harder time picking my requests than I did my offers. So: I don't really know what I want, and I have no expectations. I hope you're an author who likes being given a free rein. ^!^

But, in case you're not, and because my use of tags is primitive, here are some general thoughts.

Derkholm Series
Although I love both books, I would really appreciate something which ties in with the second book, Year of the Griffin. I love the tone of that book - I read it just before going to university, and the atmosphere of horrible all-night assignments, rowing clubs, casual crushes on fallible professors, and a circle of friends, etc, etc, made me think, "Oh. This is what university will be like." So, careful, please don't wreck my childhood: and concentrating on one or more of the main characters of Griffin would be nice, if not mandatory. That said - anything else goes, slash, het, multi, drabbles, anything you think would be particularly good to cross over (Derkholm is set up as a very cross-over-able world). Please, have fun!

Circle of Magic
Okay, I had to rein myself in here; I'm tempted to keep adding details to this request. I guess you could say that mentor-student relationships are a bulletproof kink of mine, whether they're simply respectful and affectionate, or slide into a more romantic relationship; and Circle of Magic is great for that. So you could explore that if you want to. If you don't want to, though, anything which focuses on either Tris or Daja's lives after the series would be neat. PWP is fine for Daja; not so much for Tris. I don't really see Tris casually engaging in any kind of romance, at least as her character stands at the end of the series, so a little development or reasoning would be required.

Canterbury Tales
I was just so amused that I could request this! Do what you like! Er, play around with genres, formats, tale-teller interactions, write me an essay, WHATEVER. Pretty much anything you decided to do would be okay, except perhaps turning it into a violent non-con bloodbath. Personally I've always thought it would make a great anime (though Parliament of Fowls would be better).

I just finished reading it. I'm hoping that if you just finished reading it, you either loved it and can convey that enthusiasm to me in whatever you write, or you were more critical and there's something that you'd like to "fix" (for example, the ending). Anyway, if you want to disobey canon a little in this one, that's so very fine by me.

If you hate all of these, please revert to Disney's 'The Sleeping Beauty' and write me some Aurora/Maleficent slash.

But I hope there's something here you can work with and you'll have a really good time. *I* will.

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Been paging through the Yuletide letters, and stopped in to say: I also love Year of the Griffin, for the same reasons! I read it when I was twelve or so and blame my longstanding mentality of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "A university student!" entirely on that book. And then I re-read it a few months back and, yes, it is still that awesome, and makes me long to get to college.

Hah! Sorry, only just saw this. Thanks! I'm glad you read it the same way! It's interesting because although Dark Lord of Derkholm is an excellent book too, they're such different genres.

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