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The word for world is fatigue
SSar's Beast
I rank today highly.

I went for a hard run last night, but to my surprise, when my alarm rang at 5:40am this morning, I actually woke up. Highly atypical. So today started with a nice all-rounded gym session. I am practically self-medicating with exercise right now, but it works.

Then, midmorning, I got an email from a student I'd previously shared a class with, politely asking if she could read my Dutton essay, because a lecturer had recommended that she read it in preparation for a course the student was taking over summer. Guys, the marks aren't even back on that one. I ran up to university in my lunch break today so that I could correct some things for the final online version. But a lecturer - not even my supervisor - is using it as an exemplar? If I could have seen the fatuous grin that spread across my face, my swelling ego might have corrected itself a little.

Also, when I was up at the university library, doing that tweaking, Max pointed out (very pointily) that the NZETC was hiring. It is hiring for a job which significantly overlaps the kind of stuff I did for the Dutton essay. The way he brought that to my attention implies that he thought I'd be a successful applicant for the position; and he's part of the team that the new employee would be working with. This was also flattering. And tempting. I immediately sent the vacancy ad off to two friends whom I thought it would suit, but meanwhile it nagged at me. I think I may just apply. Never mind that this would totally turn around my plans for the next few years... It would be fun.

There's a bit of friend-related drama, but I think I can handle it.

Then it was time for Dad to call, and I had a good talk with him. It's a weird and tragic reason to be calling my parents more often, but a silver lining is that I'm getting in better touch with them. Of course, I then took it to extremes when Mum called me to arrange a time to call later in the week, and we ended up chatting for about ninety minutes. Racking up three hours of calling parents - separately - mostly discussing their separation - wasn't actually as horrific as you might think, but I am beyond exhausted.

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After the ridiculous toil you put into that Dutton essay, this is kind of deserved. :D

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