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From Melodrama to Hedonism
SSar's Beast
I thought I would practice doing things I am usually too lazy to do, such as uploading photos. On free accounts, that requires the following steps: Take photos with digital camera. Upload photos onto my laptop. Save and edit photos. Upload photos to Photobucket. Save and edit album. Create entry. Include links to Photobucket photos. I know, right? My life is so hard.

Today's apprentice photo essay: Treats I have acquired since I finished Honours. Because after two continuous years of semi-post-graduate study, I feel like celebrating in a material (and somewhat edible) way.

Firstly, obviously, drinkies:

I went swimming with Pip on Monday - I hadn't expected it to be Monday, but a little spontaneity is nice - and afterwards we cruised through Thorndon New World. I love reading the descriptions of wines. I even write down any particularly ludicrous ones in my notebook. So these two lured me in. CROSSINGS: "Our Sauvignon Blanc is racy and bright. Pink grapefruit and passionfruit flavours layer with lemon-lime acidity and minerality signature of the Awatere Valley." WOVEN STONE: "Reminiscent of ripe green apples, capsicums, and lime skins..." NOMMY. One of those bottles is empty. It was delicious.

Less obvious drinkies:

This is a truly delicious tea and the first [Freudian typo: thirst] tea I have bought from this company for about two months. The liquorice pieces make the tea mildly sweet, and this sweetness comes in after a moment, giving the flavour two stages. It's almost as good cold as it is warm.

So I have a mug in one hand, and in the other...:

Here is a very happy sample of my current reading list, drawing from popular science, young adult, popular science/academic written about 30 years ago, serious literature, pop culture literature, and NZ historical written as popular. I think.

Oh, and:

Yeah. I bought a hat. It's not for me. It doesn't even fit me. It cost too much. But it's so beautiful that I had to adopt it. Basically, Steph says I'm not allowed to go to the animal shelter alone.

Okay! Mission accomplished!

I also had a great day yesterday because it was the enormous Games Club World Supervillain Conference LARP, in which I knew probably half of the players. My flatmate, my ex-flatmate, and four of my other good friends congregated in the last prior hours to figure out costumes and plan their plots. I made Mikey a death ray out of a dying kitchen appliance. It was fantastic. Later I will post a picture of the death ray.

Apologies if the pictures are too large; I'm trying to get the hang of this. ^!^

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Well I, for one, appreciate the effort that went into this. Incidentally, have you tried Flickr for hosting photos? It provides an incredibly easy facility for posting images of different sizes, plus I believe it allows you to edit your images on the site.

Huzzah for your delicious drinkages! The licorice tea sounds absolutely delightful and has reminded me of the fact that I have gone a long time without any anice-seed tea in my house.

Also, that hat is made of awesome.

Thank you, o Katie!
Anise is a lovely flavour and people who do not appreciate it are missing out.
Photobucket also allows some editing; I just need to practise with it a bit. Small steps! But I'll see if Flickr is more user friendly.

Sometimes a treat or two does wonders for the soul. I did a treat run yesterday but what I acquired was a mirror, a water filter pitcher and daim bars.

Having just looked up daim bars, it sounds as if they are delicious. But I agree that small domestic things can feel just as rewarding. Or perhaps I am more happy than the average person when I acquire a new frying pan.

*I* think it's normal. My heart's desire right now is a clothes hamper. I love making a home all comfortable and functional and nesty.

My happiness today is that the electrician installed a new fan in the bathroom. Less noise! Less mold! More functionality!

Functional is good. If my home is a kind of extension of myself, I want it to work, and work with me.

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