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'Don't you worry, babe, our worry days are done'
SSar's Beast
I'm not quite done. I'm doing an all-nighter to get my footnoting done. I'm taking a brief break while Adobe Reader downloads.

I was thinking a lot today (the day preceding this night, anyway) about things I would like to do when I have time that is not dominated by study. Of course, when my time is no longer dominated by study, it may be dominated by wedding plans - eeep - and so forth. There are always ways to fill up time.

But I was dreamily imagining a few things it'd be nice to do with that imaginary free time.

I would like to spend a few hours in second-hand book shops, and actually buy books, and then go home and read bits of them, in the same day, with a cup of tea.

I would like to practise belly-dancing on my deck, using Snowy White's "Solid Gold" album as dance music, possibly with cabaiste84.

I would like to re-read the Hornblower books.

I would like to go visit some tiny little Wellington parks I haven't seen for years. Meekwood Reserve, for example. (It has even more going for it than its name.)

I would like to fix my bicycle and ride it places.

I would like to take a friend and a frisbee and play catch on that triangle of grass around the back of Kelburn Parade.

I would like to watch a movie at home. (When was the last time..?)

I would like to start my beading Bauble Project back up again.

I would like to organise a festschrift project for Robert and Christine.

I would like to finish my scarf and knit - or crochet - a tea cosy.

Anyway, this is the productive part of the night, when I'm not yet too tired to concentrate. Back to work.

(Edit add: 'Eeep' is for organising a wedding. Being married should be at least as super as living with Joel is already. I mean, OH GODS NO DOOOOM AND GLOOM AND SOMEHOW PUPPIES.)

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My pile of Books to Read definitely agrees with the wish about being able to read books the same day you buy them. I hope both of us manage that some day.

Good luck with your footnoting!

Yes! Yes!

Thank you.

I am awful in that I buy books seldom and read them even more rarely. I have a slim paperback I bought six months ago which has not come out of its paper bag from the store.

...but I'm a good library borrower, at least.

I realise that, unfortunately, I don't have an article on biscuit typography to show you. But I have this.

I would very much love to belly dance with you on your deck, my love! And play Frisbee!

Aw, and if you need any plans with wedding-related stuff, just say the word. :) Seeing as I'm also getting going with plans for my own Big Day, we can pour over wedding magazines together! That would be just lovely. I know you must be so sick of hearing this, but have you set a date? Only asking because I've been living under a rock lately, and I may have missed you making an announcement!

I'm still not really coherent after my all-nighter (earlier, I wondered if I was hallucinating seeing my mouse cord move - then I realised it was moving, because I was moving it) but basically everything you said is lovely and I have tonnes of wedding magazines that Ellen gave me. First I was grateful for them and now my gratitude is a bit mixed with intimidation. I think you would know better what to do with them.

Yay, you will bellydance with me! You are better at it.

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