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Dutton footnoting grr.
SSar's Beast
I'm glad I went swimming this weekend, and went to a campfire, at which I also swam (or at least submerged myself) (In antipodean October ocean. Required guts.).

Other than that, the time has not been productive. I submitted my essay - annoyed but resigned at the "supplementary material" requirement which my supervisor urged on me two days before the due date - and relaxed a little. Only to have a mild panic attack on Saturday night at the thought of going out to Steph's drumming gig. I really wanted to go to Steph's drumming gig. I stayed home. She had a good time, and I had a productive night.

The vast majority of this weekend has been spent trying to figure out the editing software which checks the syntax of the code of the file of my digitised novel, so that I can make changes to it at home and be assured that it won't erupt with errors when I open it up on its home computer. Joel, my white knight Geek President, valiantly offered to write me a program which will simplify the most laborious aspects of my interaction with this software. So he did. It basically works, but not quite, and test-driving Joel's program has been frustrating for both of us. A case of more haste, less speed?

I was really happy with my Dutton introductory essay when I submitted it - partly thanks to lovely feedback and help from Amanda, roadtomanderlay, and Pip - but since then, reading it over several times since in order to comfort myself that SOMETHING's finished, I have felt more and more critical of the angle I took. In it, I delved into analysing the novel, when an introduction should set out a toolbox of contextual information and suggest ways for the reader to use it, instead. And the supplementary material which I included was presented horribly - basically printouts of ancient, scanned, newspaper articles, without context. Awful! Okay, I have issues with the amount of communication initiated, and timeliness of information provided, by my supervisor this year. Which might end up in a polite letter.

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Congratulations on submitting your essay! The feelings you described upon re-reading your essay are the very reason I never did that at uni. I just knew I'd only uncover some horrible error or a humiliating typo and it seemed to be easier to expect the worst rather than to confirm it.

Does this mean you get a bit of a break now?

Not yet! I have footnoting! In the last few weeks, my academic goals have at least been narrowing nicely. I have knocked off various things one by one - my last LING assignment, my Dutton essay submission, now this remains.

Did the last few weeks of your library studies feel this way?

PS: Remind me to email you an article by a Vic lecturer I have met recently: an article about the historical typography of biscuit tins.

I think the last few weeks of library studies was more about the idea of having to say goodbye to everyone eventually. If I think back to it, all I really recall is my parents selling their house and packing up and moving twenty years of habitation to a place three hours away. So they appear to have hi-jacked my memories there.

Historical typography of biscuit tins? This sounds like an article made of win and awesome.

Congratulations on getting the bally thing handed in at last!

Thanks! You are focusing on the part which matters, I expect!

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