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Isn't yawn a pretty word?
SSar's Beast
We did crazy bonding things today. We were half an hour late to our welcoming ceremony because we were tied together with purple ribbon in groups of ten. Then our group, disdainfully shedding its ribbons, was given a photo scavenger hunt... go through Wellington: this number of points for a photo of a baby crying - this number of points for a photo of a team member sitting in the driver's seat of a taxi - this number of points for a photo of a parking meter with exactly 22 minutes left to go. They gave us the camera film. Doing that last one, Pip, reminded me of cardboard boxes. I wonder where that old wandering rogue of a container is now...

I'm very tired. I'm hogging a computer in the Unicomm suite. Old, dim, and slow, but free. (Suddenly, I'm trying to save money. I have been stern with myself today. No money for snacks. No. No money for snacks. I only bought a bottle of water, which I shall re-fill and re-use.) And an icecream - but I swear it was by accident! It was unintended and not looked for, and part of the scavenger hunt.

I'm still not lonely or homesick. You should wager on me. :)

I am exhausted though. And almost too shy to go get dinner in the dining hall. No, no... I'll be brave. Yirry will give me an exasperated look from the mirror and I shall meekly prevail.

Be happy if you can. If I could fight for you I would.